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To all S9s members, some of you may have noticed a header atop the web page earlier today announcing that “the forums were off” (see below)
As it turns out the forums were/are, NOT turned off however, the migration to the new platform is now underway and that was a standard heading introduced by Xenforo which we were not made aware of.

We have now had this announcement removed.

So keep the faith as i’m sure there’ll be some more hiccups along the way but we’re edging closer to the long awaited and much improved S9s platform which we should all benefit from.
Thanks for the update nick although I hadn’t seen this! Expecting a few bits show this gets switched over looking forward to the new platform soon and I’m sure this has cleared things up for a few that did see that notice
Quick update chaps. The migration has taken place and whilst it took longer than anticipated, has gone relatively well it seems.

We have initially picked up on some obvious design foibles which are being addressed as we highlight them and then we have to just keep working through as much of the site as we can highlighting what’s wrong to debug it.

Of course we are all pretty busy ourselves anyway but we are on it. So rest assured, we are getting there.

And on that note, please manage your expectations as whilst the site will look different, we’re not reinventing anything as we’re doing this out of our pocket but most importantly, we will be off of VBulletin and on the much preferred Xenforo platform instead which will make user interaction far simpler.