To anyone that seems to have disappeared as a Member (who was one) please read this.


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S9's new forum launched, much more stable platform XenForo with loads more features etc.

If you find yourself not being a Member anymore it's because we've had a tidy up and removed anyone that (a) wasn't a VIP Member anyway, and (b) hasn't posted since 1st Jan 2022 (about 2000 members gone!).

If you are returning from afar after a long period of absence (fret not we haven't fallen out with you!) and feel you want to get back involved with the private members areas of the forum then all you need to do is re-register and let us know you are knocking on the door again to be let back in.

Many of our Members appreciate and enjoy the private element of this forum (so people can talk freely without the World Wide Web seeing / reading their posts), therefore we don't really need people who don't get involved just lurking around not adding anything.

Thank you.
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Never realised I was a VIP. Feeling very special x
Still alive then :)
Vinny has been out fishing a lot in his new fishing trawler. Hence absence.
He's caught loads of fish though.
Knocking on the door as well. Previously a member for a fair few years. Thanks.
Knocking on the door as well. Previously a member for a fair few years. Thanks.
Welcome back, you are back in. Get involved and post though....or be culled again (y)
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@KnickeRS I met one of the guys from here a long time ago at an RPM event. Can't remember who now. I think the last time I posted was last year on the Thorney Motorsport Sunday event thread.
Hi @KnickeRS As above. can you re enable my access please. Moz had enabled it but now it is disabled. Thanks.