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...the Twin Towers were hit.

When the CIA screw up, boy do they ever do it in right Royal fashion and we're about to do it all over again, not the Towers (hopefully) but the resultant mess is just the same mess as we are about to be dragged into.

Obama Deathmask last night committed $500million dollars to give weapons to Alqaeda to fight IS/ISIS/ISIL which is in fact Alqaeda by another name.

Sponsoring the same group to do properly what they were supposed to do in the first place, bring down Assad because he's a foothold for Russia in the Middle-east.

Be under no illusion, Alqaeda and IS/ISIS/ISIL are the same thing and they are working for us, you and me.

We trained them, weaponised them and like packs of Hyena's they are roaming around causing havoc.

We are about to give them more, almost every weapon we give the Syrian 'freedom fighters' is a weapon that will end up in the hands of ISAlqaeda.

I don't know what is planned but my guess is that soon one or more of the 11 missing 'planes will hit 'something' in Saudi Arabia. Something prominent.

This will happen as there is a pressing need to get people to rally behind a cause to allow further destabilising in the area as really the average man/woman is just a bit fed up with the mess and is almost entirely anti-doing anything at all.

So if we continue to not be screaming revenge and keep yawning when we see be-headings or outrageous acts of further Innocenticide then a crazy big impact attack will happen.

For a short while I thought we might get a ship sailing into an East-coast American City and then setting off a small nuclear device (still possible) but now I tend toward something being planned with at least a couple of those 11 'planes and in that situation the 'natural' target is Saudi Arabia, I don't wish it on them, but it does seem unavoidable really.

We're just not as easily outraged as we once were.

Saudi Arabia is everyone's friend, despite 15 of the 19 people involved in the 11th Sept. attacks being Saudi's or that Bin Laden was himself a Saudi.

Recently a Saudi Prince was stopped in Paris and 'relieved' of various accoutrements of gun-running, someone is not happy, in fact 'someone' is deeply concerned that they are not quite as important as they have been in the past, it was their own version of 'The Body in the Sportsbag' shot across the bows.

It was a shout from the 'Fatherland' to the errant diaspora to call them into line.

The coming months are going to be interesting, if you are a member here and read the 'Two Great Wars' thread you will know that Poland really and factually (Versailles Treaty agreements) declared war on Germany one month before Germany invaded Poland by massing troops on the border contrary to the Ver.Ty.

Not only is Putin in Hitler's position but so too is Assad, in the next few days/weeks the US will start bombing raids in Syria, as Obama Deathmask 'pretends' to be 'Saving the World' chasing ISAlquaeda North.

This is an invasion, don't be fooled, it is a calculated invasion and we all have to hope Assad doesn't do what Hitler did in 1939, get fed up with his people being killed and his own people calling for revenge and he presses the button taking down US aircraft.

If Assad isn't smart enough, then Putin is and has told him this is an 'End Game' for him either way, Obama Deathmask is playing his part he is this time 'round playing the part of that vile Polish Marshall Smigley and as he said repeatedly in the Summer of 1939... "It's war, whether you want it or not"

History is plodding toward another repetition of the same events of the Summer of 1939, the times and the time scales differ but the events are all the same.
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This fucking world is as mad as a bag of frogs. There are times when I regret bringing children into this world and the time that we are living in currently, is one of those times.
Deathmask upped the stakes yesterday.

No-one can stop him, he hasn't gone to Congress to debate the ramp up, he's doing this on Presidential powers alone.

This is such a serious moment in History, it is '9/11' but without the Towers.

This day has almost passed without a murmur, but in years to come we may just look back and see this as 'the day' it went wrong.

Deathmask is supporting ISAlqeada so as to wipe out the Shia muslims in Syria with a puppet mad-dog Sunni Mercenary Army. Deathmasks brother was a paymaster for the Muslim Brotherhood in Africa (he was indicted for it in Egypt, hence all the trouble Egypt has suffered), the Muslim Brotherhood is also Sunni and a front for ISAlqaeda and Deathmask was brought up in a radical Sunni family. He is reverting to type.
This fucking world is as mad as a bag of frogs. There are times when I regret bringing children into this world and the time that we are living in currently, is one of those times.

It can seem hopeless, but it's not.

Being aware of what is really going on and not being afraid to point it out if given the chance is all that is required, this doesn't mean reaching for the nearest 'soapbox'.

As the coming events unfold conversations will turn to the situation, none of us will need a soapbox.

Quietly murmuring the truth is all that anyone need do, we are all aware of the latin term 'Cui bono' and the other phrase that we can all grasp, 'Follow the Money' together they cover every aspect you need to pronounce on this matter.

This is just another bit of orchestrated exploitation, Arms sales and then post-war contracts are hugely profitable.

It's a little bit of a shambles at the moment as not everyone has the right sheet music, but Deathmask did his best to conduct them in one direction.

The problem is us, we are not cheering and shouting 'encore', many of us are booing and shouting 'get off', if we keep shouting that we have to accept that further atrocities will be fed to us in the hope to get us to cheer in outrage.

To kill any beast you have to have the stomach for the fight, the desire to call for all those awful things to go away will be hard to resist and many, perhaps most will do that and the videos will stop and the problem will seem to go away, but in reality it is only censorship, the atrocities will actually increase but due to censoring people will think it has.
You describe the current situation well Mycroft. That last paragraph describes in few words, the storyline of Terminator which, I think, is quite ironic as this is quiet apt for the situation that is unfolding. I just think that this time, Arnold has been replaced by IS.
It is ironic you mention Terminator that film was released in 1984 and it was that exact year, January, that the CIA and MI6 decided to really get behind the Mujahadein (remember them?) with full scale training.

The man we chose to funnel the training regime through was none other than Osama bin Laden, we trained him and paid him to help the Mujahadein push the Russians back.

The Mujahadein was the source of Alquaeda and the first time I heard of 'alquaeda' was in 1987 when this faction of the Mujahadein started to attack and kill advisors (CIA and MI6 agents) sent to train them. We lost about half a dozen, the USA many more.

So the mess has it's roots in the last throws of the Cold War.

Mujahadein->Alquaeda->ISIS->ISIL->IS->IC (Islamic Caliphate) they are essentially all the same thing.

The bin Laden family fortune was made in doing this 'work' all the bases built by the US, Saudi and Turkey were built by their family conglomerate.

He was a servant doing exactly what we in the West asked him to, at the time various documentaries were made about the 'noble' Mujahadein and their fight against Russia.

Russia had invaded because it had been subject to occasional terrorist attacks throughout the 70s from Afghanistan.

They had been there for 5 years and slowly winning, but we kept helping the Afghan terrorists as it was a thorn in Russia's side and that was 'good'.

But with them winning we had to make a choice and we chose to back the terrorists and so bin Laden made his presence felt.

Russia lost that war because of bin Laden, it was as much his victory as ours, perhaps more, in fact as things turned out our's was a hollow victory and his a total one.

Throughout the 90s bin Laden built a power base. In 1995 MI6 was seriously worried by this man's power and we made our reservations plain to the CIA and the CIA set up an entire dept. to track and observe him, but the CIA is or was a very uncoordinated beast, so whilst one section was giving him money and arms another was tracking him with MI6 with the express intention of killing him.

Be under no illusion by 1996 we in the UK (by majority) wanted him dead, but the USA (by majority) wanted him alive to carry on destabilising the area politically.

So the 'less moral' security elements wanted to take this man out before he did something spectacular, whereas the 'more moral' political bods wanted him alive for exactly the same reason.

Well, he did organise something spectacular.

But exactly who benefited has never been told to the public, the 'cui bono' has remained firmly off the media.

The answer is 'Maps'. Cartography.
So, parts of the Mujahadein were in fact Alqaeda but not that many.

Part of bin Ladens 'job' was to make the Mujahadein his own force, he tried persuasion, trying to make the leader of the Mujahadein (Ahmed Massoud) and become a puppet to the Saudi Arabian Govt.

He refused and continued killing the taliban (another part of the Mujahadein that had broken away) at will and in big numbers, he was not interested in doing anything other than ridding his Country of invaders and 'bad' Islamists.

He was destined to stabilise the area along with a couple of others, we in the West liked and admired him, he had no International intent, was strong against the 'corruptors of Islam' and well connected with Clinton.

Eventually the CIA hated him, he had with the Mujahadein done all they asked and they had, through the 'conduit of bin Laden, armed and given him 'intelligence' on the Russians but he was now no longer useful.

Bin Laden on the other hand had precisely that remit as part of his job, so the CIA gave sufficient resources to bin Laden to have Massoud killed, the timing was important, his death was timed exquisitely and just 2 days before 9/11 on September 9th 2001 he was killed.

The politico's in the CIA seemed to be in thrall to Saudi Prince Bandar al Sultan and it is likely that the Prince stopped Massoud from having the armaments he needed to unify Afghanistan, probably because he was no-one's puppet, he'd proved that with the Russians.

Both being Saudi's, the Princes desire would be to have his (discrete) friend bin Laden favoured and so he was.

Prince Bandar al Sultan has been Head of Saudi Intelligence for a few years now and it is this man that has stirred up the region, given arms to ISAlqaeda and is a CIA 'asset'. His loathing of Gaddafi is well documented and Libya was his first target, his second target was Syria and Assad whom he detests with an equal contempt to Gaddafi.

It was one of his 'Agents' that was robbed in France recently.

This creature is a 'piece of work' he even threatened Putin to his face that he'd ruin the Sochi Olympics (terrorist attack) if Putin continued to support Assad, the 'robbery' in France was a warning to the Prince that is you threaten Putin you might want to 'reconsider' your ideas.

The Prince has I think... as death by Polonium or similar is not a very nice way to go.

International Politics is soooooooooo deliciously sordid and dark, it's hard to be a 'good man' at times.
My guess is that any reader of this has a single huge question... what is this all for?

It's a damned good question!

It is also an easy one to answer, it is all about Gas and a pipeline.

At the moment a huge pipeline is planned (it's behind schedule) that will take Gas to Europe via Turkey and... yep Syria!

It is the only route possible due to engineering limits.

This pipeline is meant to stop Putins strangle-hold on Europe, but if the pipeline passes through Syria then the hand on the shut-off valve is Assad and he's good mates with Putin and will happily work in cahoots with him and we know it.

Assad has to go to make the pipeline secure, Turkeys 'succour' for ISAlqaeda within it's borders is so that they too get EU membership, they don't get it until Assad is out and a puppet govt. installed in Syria.

The USA will not effectively bomb ISAlqaeda in the region where the pipeline is due to go through until they have toppled Assad.

The USA need a puppet in Syria and then they'll wipe ISAlqaeda out.

It is as simple as that.

The be-headings and atrocities are there solely to make the attack on Syrian Sovereignty 'acceptable' to the foolish enough and insufficiently educated to accept it.

They have a problem though, the "Free Syrian Army" is full of ISALqaeda and is in fact the same thing and this has come to light for many many people in the West, ordinary souls like thee and me, they are almost entirely such villains >80%, there is effectively no difference between them because of the overwhelming number 'working' for a difficult headline cause.

That is why the USA won't side with Assad in removing ISAlqaeda, ISAlqaeda is a puppet doing the USA's bidding and so are the general public both here and in the USA, your thoughts and anger are being manipulated.

This is so blatant and obvious it is staggering that so few people know about it... it even has it's own wiki page...
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Be-headings, what no-one wants to tell you.

Why did certain elements within the "Free Syrian Army" sell certain journalists to ISAlqaeda?

The reason is simple, the FSA has been using chemical weapons on Christians near and in Aleppo/Idlib (that's right our 'good guys' have been using weapons of mass destruction) and some of the journalists and Health Workers be-headed had starting to get the juice on this fact, so they had to go.

This is known by the USA Gov't and probably the UK Gov't too.

The West can't be seen to be supporting those that do this sort of thing as we went into Iraq for exactly that reason. These poor bastards were taken captive by the FSA and sent down to ISAlqaeda for execution, this was and is a cynical ploy to stop the story and create anger at home, cynical doesn't even cover the actions of the CIA in this, their fellow Americans, their own citizens sacrificed in this game.
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There is a new ISAlqaeda army on the march, they are from Algeria, call themselves 'ACE' or 'Algerian Caliphate' but are off to help ISAlqaeda.

By the middle of next week we'll see 'something' about their activities I suppose. God knows what.
There is a new ISAlqaeda army on the march, they are from Algeria, call themselves 'ACE' or 'Algerian Caliphate' but are off to help ISAlqaeda.

By the middle of next week we'll see 'something' about their activities I suppose. God knows what.


Yep... their first beheading.

Part of the reason this bunch of nutters is leaving Algeria is that, after being shot at by their own Govt. and by ISAlqaeda, the people, ordinary people started buying small hand arms and protecting themselves, shop-keepers and similar have been for more than a year shooting anyone carrying a wahabi-ist flag.

There has been a strong movement in Algeria for their own right to bear arms, they were refused, so they did it themselves.
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As this thread is now being referenced in various serious Magazines and Newspapers, I will be updating this thread with both the latest situation and again look to what we can expect from the consequences of our pending involvement.
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As this thread is now being referenced in various serious Magazines and Newspapers, I will be updating this thread with both the latest situation and again look to what we can expect from the consequences of our pending involvement.

Nice to see you Ian.....
Thank you David... but I'm only back in response to requests from those referencing this thread to update it. I have given permission to have my text here to be cited freely so long as the site is given full credit for the facility. Nearly 2000 views and the driest of all subjects imaginable... all are welcome.
Good thread Ian.
& great Rollins song :(y):
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Good to see you posting, looking forward to your updates but not to where I fear we are heading