3.0 CSL Hommage


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Anyone had any thoughts on this? Or know anything further?

Potential for something like this from BMW is massive.

Remake of one of THE great icons. Cant wait to see it but if its Villa D'Este stuff it will not be a serious production possibility.

They did am M1 Homage a couple of years ago which was just a styling dummy I believe
I'd love to see something that mad again.
(with a screaming v10)
I think it would be great to see it actually go into a production even if it is very limited.

The roads are crying out for something a bit more out there from BMW.
Would be great to see this happen :(y):
That picture is so evocative. How horny would that car be !

Massive DO IT

Stop making cars for photocopier salesmen, BMW!
Yes it's about time they produced a CSL again, too much time has passed since the last one.
I totally loved every minute of owning my E46CSL, what a car.

That pic is cool. Is there more to that teaser you posted Matt ?
Only the teaser, however I have just seen a complete render from an outside source which I will post up if I can find it again.

I think there would be a very high demand for a new CSL and I can't imagine them struggling to sell it...

The only other cars I can think of to have particularly out there looks like this are all worth near enough £1,000,000....
Not sure about this, looks a bit messy


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Damn you beat me to it!

Very dissapointing I must say. From some angles it looks half decent, but the front is hideous and I don't think the colour helps either