am i sad


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getting more excited about changing the gearbox oil on the 993 today than going out tonight for a new years eve party. because I know what is going to happen .get pissed .upset everyone including the wife .and then be to hungover to drive to Brooklands tomorrow .wish I was looking after baby johnny1476808246573.jpg
Nope, not sad at all - sounds perfect to me...

Ps not enough 993 talk on here - what you got - year, colour - photos
Baby johnny looks like a bit of a cheeky fella 😁
Was thinking of popping down to Brooklands too. Sadly my 993 is away in storage, but friend of mine was gonna pop down in his so may come with him.

Johne: same as on 911uk - guards 993 ?
Was thinking to pop down to Brooklands too (somewhat depending on the night before)...though weather is not looking kind atm.
We are having really mild and often sunny weather for the last few weeks and apart from a band of rain coming tonight it's going to be several sunny days to start off 2017.

We are doing the Manx Classic Car Club New Years Day run out.
Always fancied a 993, but can't justify the prices at the mo
car is dirty anyway .yes henry his the light of our life.1475914581449.jpg
yes that's me scaramanga make sure you say hello .see you tomorrow tanvir :8):
Quiet night in front of the tv for me, but just caught baby doing this:

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Is this bad?

Your lad's a chip off the old block I see there I.
Great shot. He'll love that on his wedding day in years to come when it's your job to embarrass him.
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Cherish every minute with your kids Gents.

I went to bed at 12:10am on New Year's Day sober and with tears in my eyes after calling my kids who were sat at their mums bored with their Nan whilst their mum was out with her new boyfriend. She wouldn't let me have them for New Years weekend because it wasn't my turn! Then went out and left them anyway! (I would have loved to have them with me here in Iceland and they would have loved it to).