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Hey Guys

I was told about this forum by KnickeRS who made the intro, so howdy all!
I've actually just bought KnickeRS old ride(well not too old!)
the wonderfully outrageous 2016 ACR Viper Extreme! Just in the process of going through the break in mileage atm and then off to the boys at Center Gravity beginning of January for a full Geo/suspension and ready to hit the tracks! Really looking forward to it.

Although fairly new to the track scene(mainly because of work commitments) over the last year I have been going to more with a couple of 2 day track events at Spa being the highlight for me. Being more of a classic car type of guy and collecting older cars I have thus been using my 993RS Clubsport, my modified 205 Turbo 16 and my Challenge Stradale(one of my youngest cars in my fleet up to now! ) for track work. And although as you will suss out I havn't been that attracted to more modern machinery( mainly because of the advent of all the electronics, and flappy paddles) there was something simply so raw and appealing with the ACR that I just had to have one! So really looking forward to spank it appropriately on the track! Will post some pics of some of my rides if I can get access. Cheers .
Fantastic collection. Extremely keen to see the 924 and 959 👍🏻

Welcome to S9
Nice one, Nicks car will love the pasting, are you in my area ? Hartley & cog. Derbyshire that is 👍
Hi Alex and welcome to S9, good to see you on here :)
Welcome dude, sweet choice of cars you have, also keen to see photos and hear about 959 :)

We have a S9 private event next year on Zandvoort July 6 & 7, 40 chaps, only friends, was epic this year, next one will be even better. Come join us, only a few slots left I think.
Welcome! Would love to hear more about the porsches
Welcome :(y):

205 turbo 16 - that must be great fun :(clap):
+1 for a photo of the 959, as it's the first ever one on here, despite there being lots of F40s owned on here......
Welcome to S9's
Morning and welcome!

Atleast you can fit into the ACR and what a wonderful car!

Drew 😎
Welcome. Fantastic collection of cars.
Can't wait to hear about them.

Hi Alex, welcome to S9's.
Thank you for introducing yourself properly and please put some pics up of your many cars.

I look forward to seeing you on track with us, especially in the ACR, in 2017.

Full access granted now.
Couple of Q's Nick...

- Why didn't you just swap the ACR for the 959 ??
- And you made it clear to Alex that we expect to see him and the ACR on our S9 Zandvoort event next year ??
Welcome! Great collection and I look forward to hearing/seeing more!
Welcome aboard.
As said, love to see the 959! Get some snaps up pronto please :)
Welcome on board :)