drivers caught by French speed cameras to face fines

Sharing UK databases with our European buddies is a scary thought.
I'd rather pay the on the spot fine and have done with it.
The fines aren't the problem for me, its the points.

The move is inevitable I suppose but we'll see if it ever actually happens. Been threatened a few times with nothing actually getting done.
I have some points on a German licence that they were kind enough to create for me at the Court hearing I didn't attend.....
"A quarter of speeding offences in France are committed by foreign motorists. During the summer holiday months, that increases to half."

That's a rather leading statement isn't it! It couldn't possibly be that the gendarmes target foreign motorists could it...
I remember going to Le Mans one year with my old man, we were hooning down a motorway in his bright yellow Tuscan and got caught speeding, we then headed down a back road and got caught Again!

So we then drove at the speed limit... And then got done for speeding Again.

The lesson is... When driving a bright yellow TVR there is no where to hide, if they want you they will get you.
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At least it's not retrospective " I hope " all those photos they have of us are technically unsolved crimes or to out it another way a huge pile of unpaid fines to be collected.