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Was on way home tonight and stuck in the trawl past Heathrow when I saw on the other side, two 9 car transporters full of super cars and sports cars. Gallardo's, 430's, 458's, M3's, Porsches, Aerial Atoms, KTM etc. all plated with "Everyman" on the which I am sure I have seen advertise as a track club or something.

Must have been a big event somewhere or else the liquidators went in today !!
Can't see anything on the calendar for today. Prices seem very very cheap too so maybe the latter after all ;)
They were the guys who I used when I drove the 12c last August round the TG track - a nice bunch with some cool cars :)
Yes I took my daughter to drive a Gallardo. A nice bunch of blokes. They travel a lot. Bit like the circus but with cars