first weekends racing for 25 years....


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Cars owned: some
ruined by a cretin:
if you look carefully (slo-mo at the very beginning) he makes an impossible overtake, puts a wheel on the grass slams ointo the side of my car ripping his tyre off which thows my car into the air.....

mistake 1: entering a series which allows cars with 3 x the power i have to compete together (we are talking 15 seconds a lap difference)
mistake 2: assuming that drivers have the sense not to drive and brake whilst on the grass
mistake 3: assuming that this dickhead could overtake safely without sliding straight into me (even when he had no-one to race: he'd been into the pits and was miles off the back of his class!

anyone got a ful set of suspension for an old vectra challenge?!

oh well!....
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Sounds bad Steve. I feel sorry for you. I'm not on FB, any photos or a link to this video.
yep think its cos of my facebook settings.....will chase the person who got the incident on camera to post on youtube so you guys can see.
i can see it fine on FB

bloody annoying, out of interest what happens in that scenario? just take it on the chin ??
i can see it fine on FB

bloody annoying, out of interest what happens in that scenario? just take it on the chin ??

Yep - you take it on the chin!

A glimmer of good news though (and relevant for any doubters and there have been a couple of people who said I turned in on him!) I got this from BRSCC organisers this morning:

"Hi Steven

I just need to update you on the outcome of the accident at Cadwell on Saturday. The other driver was fined and has had points added to his licence.

We introduced in car cameras to monitor driving standards and improve the ability of the clerks to take appropriate action. During this season, Saturday was only the second time that we had needed to request footage. The other incident was for overtaking under a yellow and both times have seen the offending driver penalized. I hope this reassures you that this type of incident is not normal in our championship.

Regards "
ah ok, suppose that makes sense but what a pisser

so if he takes points presumably it doesnt really make any difference or does it change what he can / can't do ?

also i assume the fine is token, slap on the wrist to make a point really ??
fist post amended to youtube link so all can see