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Well this is interesting, I've never been in quarantine before. Do you need to check me over for contagious diseases? I have been in a few dodgy places in my time I admit, but I took all the pills. :x:

Some of you know me from the McLaren FB group where I spend too much time, so I thought I'd come and heckle a few acquaintances here.

So either I'll be welcomed with open arms, or left in a dark corner to fester... the choice lies in your hands!

welcome...another Mc owner :(y) out for the beetle owners :(rofl):

there will be mod along soon, who will sniff your parts and decide if you are a good un or not
I've opened the doors up for you Jeff so you should be seeing the whole site already.
hang on

are you Jeff of VO 12c fame, that's lives in the north west

Nowt wrong with beetle owners, welcome along 🙄
Thank you very kindly sir, promise to behave nicely!

You might not once Baf has ranted about how shit Mclarens are. Try not to bite or he'll believe he has won.
Welcome to S9's , don't be shy, join in and enjoy.
Mclaren love here is strong. :(y):
Welcome Jeff