Hello all!!!


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Cars owned: Ferrari 360, Porsche 997 Turbo, Audi Q7
Hello all!!

Just joined today and wanted to say hello to fellow forum members.

My name is Julian (but known as Juke). I work in the software business where I am Worldwide VP of Education for Thunderhead.com. Thunderhead.com is based in Soho and I assure everyone, it's not a pornographic production company!!!!

I am a car nut - have been all my life. My two cars are a Ferrari 360 that I have had for 8 years and a Porsche 997 Turbo that I am currently using as my daily run around (and trying desperately to keep my license). Home is in West Sussex in a village called Aldwick down on the coast.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone on here!!!

Hi Julian, good to see you over here, I have granted you private member access (Folks, I know Julian in the real world - we've done a bit of business together - he's known).

Jump into the Gallery section and stick some of your car pics up (and that new garage spruce up you did recently), we love car pics in there :)
Welcome Julian! I look forward to seeing some pics.
Welcome and the garage is well sick man! Totally, I want...
Heh Juke, welcome.
welcome welcome
Welcome along chap, anyone with Pork is welcome :thumbsup:
Welcome to the nut house Julian
hi there and welcome!
Welcome Julian. I'm looking forward to seeing these pics of your cars and garage. What's this all about then....?
Welcome. Spill the beans on Moz!
Thanks for the fantastic welcome everyone. Great to meet you all!!