Help please with my sons fundraiser for Sheffield Children's Hospital



Some of you will have already seen this over on Facebook, but I could only tag 18 people, so hoped by putting it on here I can generate some additional interest.

My 9 year old son Ayrton, recently decided to take it upon himself to raise money for a local Children's Charity (Sheffield Children's Hospital). He said simply that he would like to do something to help those children less fortunate than himself.

Subsequently, Ayrton arranged a meeting with the Headmistress of his school to arrange a dress down day, for which he successfully raised over £180! And along with donating some of his pocket money and donations from others he has now raised approximately £250!

Ayrton has also now met with the appropriate people at Sheffield Children's hospital and is now a recognised fundraiser for them. Over the course of the next few months he hopes to raise at least £1,000 through various other activities.

I'm sharing this with you because I would like to help my son with his goal, so I please ask you to donate whatever you can. £1 or £10, any donation would be gratefully received!

Donations can be made directly to

Many thanks
All the best for little Ayrton, great to see someone so young with such honourable intentions.
You must be very proud :thumbsup: