I am after a Bell Helmet, large..... Is everywhere out of stock in the country?????


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As the above says.

Needing a large Bell helmet for Spa next week.

Everywhere I try and order one from they are out of stock.

Anyone know anywhere?

Assuming you've tried everywhere, why must it be a Bell ?
I would prefer Bell just because I like them.

Everywhere seems to be short of large helmets, whatever the decent make. Unless I want to spend £1700.00 which I don't. £500ish is the budget.
Buy an Arai instead, much better helmet.
I've tried. None in stock anywhere!!
You should always choose a helmet based upon fit. I can't wear Arai. I do have Bell, Shoei and a few others too.

Try out a good few at a bike shop and buy based upon a range of brands that fit correctly. Or go into GPR if you're close enough.
Agreed. I was heading to GPR as I have bought gear from them before but trust me helmets are in low stock everywhere!!
If you normally use a large in Bell sizes you will probably find the Arai Motorsport helmets a bit tight and you will need an XL. Definitely go and try them on first.
Cheers for the advice. Will do