Intro from a newbie!


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Cars owned: 1970 911 2.2E, (my only interesting car!) 1978 Moto Guzzi (owned from new) and my dodgy daily whatev
Hi All,

A number of you that do trackdays may have already met me, I am the guy that looks after the Viper, 993RS and Pug T16.

After a very pleasant visit to Zandvoort with you, Henry kindly invited me to contact the forum.

A bit of background, I have been around fast cars for pretty much all my life and have a bit of of a passion for the offbeat cars, such as Group B rally cars and the like, alongside Porsches, particularly old 911's. I have a 2.2 Injection myself, which is wonderful to drive but is not a trackday car at all.

I have been lucky enough to race and drive many different cars over the years, doing rallys and events like Goodwood FoS, British Touring car (in the Sierra days, magic!)

If you see me at a track day, say hi, or if you need a little help, just ask. I usually have my tools and some basic consumables with me, pleased to help.

Simon R
Welcome Simon.

Door is now open to you sompast away !

I shall be seeing you on Saturday too now. Sorry about that if you’d had other plans :)
Hi Simon!

We now have the fountain of car knowledge in S9!

Ps my mini is all fixed now after my trip to the beach in France!

Welcome Simon!

I was cheekily wondering if you could take a set of slicks as well but then Alex corrected me that you were in something cosier this time. Plus I was reminded by the OH I can't go anyway! :(

Welcome Simon , this is were we all hang out. You may take time to recognise folk you already know well as they have these silly Forum names rather than the name their loving parents gave them.
Welcome Simon,

Great to have you onboard !
Hopefully get to catch up at SS in the afternoon of the 26th if you are there.

Welcome in.

Drew will need your contact details for sure, do you carry a shovel in your van?
Welcome in Simon. Was good to see you at Folembray & Abbeville track days :(y):
Welcome Simon

Can I see some pics of the T16?

Thanks all for the welcome!

Just got back from a last minute trackday 'fix' at Spa. Had a good time with the Viper and Maclaren, not too many other cars on track. It rained right at the end, as it got dusk. Pity really as Spa in the dark is pretty awesome!

I will be at Silverstone at the end of the month so look forward to seeing you guys then.
Hi Simon, we met in France. (Blue 911)
Good to have you on here, and see you at Silverstone,
Welcome aboard Simon, good to see you in here!
Hi Simon, welcome. Good to have you joining us on here. Have to say your advice and support always welcome, as it was in France and Zandvoort (Mustang). Look forward to seeing you at Silverstone.

I reckon it is going to take Drew a while, I will keep the shovel (and the hammer - Chris!) available.

The next one to have a minor excursion had better watch out!
Welcome aboard Simon, thanks for joining.

So, we have two T16 Owners in here now.

Love them. I have a shit 205 Dimma Turbo that everyone takes the piss out of, but I like it as it's a nostalgic thing for me (reminds me of my late teens back in the day in my trusty 205 Gti)
Great to have you here. Look forward to seeing you at some (incident free) track days soon!!!

Mark - Exige and Caterham :(whew):