knock knock


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heard there was a party, think I know a few of you...

Don't do the public web so would love to come in and say hi.
Hi Guys, who told you about our little space ?

Let us know and then if you can behave, we'll let you to the big space round back :)
I can vouch that Teatowel is no lurker, I mean a post a year is good going!!!

Followed a crumb trail on the web...
Not sure who is back there but based on the public threads labrit, trevsked and wtdoom have met me IRL and the RPM lads can confirm I'm old enough to drive :) Darren and Greig have sold an SC and a 993 c2s for me.
I can vouch for Matt, met him on a couple of occasions and a really nice guy and loves a track day.
Thanks Guys,

Moz will open the doors for you both just as soon as he's finished his beauty sleep.

Have a read through this please and keep it real here. We're onwards and upwards, a happy little bunch.
Morning All, beauty sleep done. VIP access to newbies done.

You should be able to see it all now?

Welcome online, please contribute as the more you do the better the place becomes
Many thanks Trevsked, KnickeRS annd Moz. will look froard to meeting,