Mini Cooper S v Pug 106 v Clio 172 (apddle Clutch)


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Been looking for a cheap track car for me and a mate to share for the season. Not an awful lot out there sub £5K but a few options unfolding. What do we think - bear in mind it must be a road legal car to drive too and from track days - mostly Castle Coombe which is our nearest and 2 1/2hr drive. Also needs to be kept outside as we are short of space.

Mini Cooper S
Found a half decent car with mods pushing it to 220BHP, brakes sorted - £2K will need a LSD, seats, harnesses and at least a half cage bringing it to £5K. Would be civilised and usable.

Pug 106
On throttle bodies with 150BHP, track car with LSD, cage and suspension / brake mods. £3.5K

Or save up some....

Clio 172
Fully sorted with ITBs (227BHP) and all the gear. Paddle clutch though. £8K - concerned the clutch will be a problem in traffic etc

Or any other suggestions?
Some good low cost options there David. The first thing I'd have to say though is size. Like me you're a tall chap and of the three, the Mini I would have thought you would be the most comfortable in. Even with cages fitted and proper seats I'm sure this will be the case.

Aside of that, if you're only driving to and from track days and not using the car as a daily, the paddle clutch should be okay as you'll be driving outside of the hours that the roads are heavily trafficked.

So, I'd go with whichever you prefer of the three but for me it would be the Mini.