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So the has been Nemtsov gets bumped by the CIA in order to de-stabilise Russia...


Well... the biggest of course is that although he was once a 'player' to quote Gorbachev today, "He is and has been no more important than any average Russian today"

But the BBC will play this to the limit, they are being told how to 'play' this, what to put up across the TV and the 'net.

Just as with the Charlie Hebdo 'Leaders March' (which was a success as most people were fooled) the march in Russia is blown up by the same proportions.

Remember, you are paying for the BBC, an organisation that is paid to lie to you, that will hide it's payments and then deny them until finally the truth is dragged from them kicking, screaming and cursing like the birth of a satanic child.

Until his death the only thing Nemtsov was really renowned for was womanising.

He'd been recently 'shafting' a certain oligarch's 'Gypsy Princess' and it was inevitable that he was going to be gunned down... and so he was.

A fate that could befall any man with a bit of testosterone in his system... I mean what is the point of having loads of that hormone coursing 'round your body and doing nothing 'useful' with it?

She's a 'looker' too... all dark and sultry... it will not be the first or the last time a man's cock has got him into trouble.

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...and the CIA connection?

Well, they get bored, life is boring now in all the Intel services, it all 'e' intelligence... so in Russia the CIA assets are 'bi-sexual' so to speak... they play for both sides... any oligarch worthy of the name has at least a dozen CIA assets working for him, good money too!

So, in the most exquisite of counter-counter-counter espionage... the CIA has played a vital part in poor old priapic Nemtsov's demise.
Wonderful 'connection' has come to light.

The men arrested (5) are all Chechens and all have been paid as assets to the cause of Chechen Independence... who has been footing the bill?

The CIA.


So in an effort to destabilise Putin's Russia the U S of A has been giving support to the Chechens, there is even a connection to the Boston Marathon False Flag event right in the mix too.

The CIA has gone mental in the last 5-10 years, totally bonkers.
I saw that on the news (not the CIA bit). All a rather interesting debacle.
So the CIA is now trying to get at Putin through FIFA... you gotta love these CIA guys, they're hatred of him is extreme.

Can't have the World Cup in Russia can we!