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Hi all,

I joined the Forum yesterday on the encouragement of Nick (thanks Nick!).

So by way of introduction - I am living in Bucks not far from Gt Missenden but have spent a lot of time in Australia however I am back and settled and have been able to focus on putting something a bit more interesting in the garage than a lawnmower. Currently its occupied by a Ferrari 599 GTB and a 981 Boxster Spyder. Have had the Ferrari around 3 years but have put very few miles on her - something I am keen to change - the Spyder is a bit more usable and have done around 3k since buying her from JZM in June.

I am a bit of a track novice aside of a couple of JP days at Bedford (I did race the first Stig though) and a bit of karting. I have a couple of days booked for this year (Silverstone / Spa) and happy for any advice and direction ...

Have previously been a bit of a lurker on forums but promise to try harder ....

Here are a couple of pics of the cars ..



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Evening and welcome Chris!

Nice toys!

Enjoy and make the most of the forum and opportunities it's a good place to be 👍
Welcome Chris
Hello and welcome to S9's.
Thanks for joining and welcome Chris

Get involved and stick around

Has anyone sorted you full forum access yet ?
Welcome in Chris.

I will open you up with full access now so you can see the whole site.
Do get involved and particularly if you can, come to some of our meets as you are centrally located to many of them. Meeting us all will show us to be half decent types and very much different to that of our keyboard personas !


Check out the track day threads too. This is becoming bigger and bigger within the S9's community.
Welcome Chris! Nice to have you onboard. Indeed nice toys!
Full access open now Chris.
Thanks all for the warm welcome. Will definitely get involved ....

Thanks Nick for the wider access - have enjoyed looking over the private side of the site and the amazing cars amongst the membership

Will look out for the track day dates - not sure if the dates work yet given holidays, but Zolder is very tempting ...
Oops Zandvoort I the novice
if you could do me a quote for my new kitchen units I would appreciate it, solid oak, custom built. thank you
Welcome, great combo of cars you have there!