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Hi Guys,

I have met some of you at Austria earlier in the year and a few more on the Isle of Wight over the weekend. Heard some great things about this forum.

Im fairly new into super car ownership and only done a couple of track days up until now but looking to get involved with some events in the future to get my skills up to scratch..

Welcome Zaine

Well done Zaine. You need to be here and get involved, great little community, better than the masonic lodge I believe :D

Nick you know Zaine, so can you let him in please.
Welcome aboard Zaine - fellow Pompey-ite :(y):
Welcome to S9’s, once let inside get posting, join in.
welcome mate - got any pictures to share? cars, property, birds or whatever!!??
Hi Zaine, glad you got on here at last, good to see you again at the weekend ��
Just heard from Moz that you have full access now.
Please get posting and get involved.

Thank you.
Thanks guys! Appreciate the warm welcome.
met some of you guys at Zandvoort this week and heard lots of good things about this place!


Welcome Zaine!

post some pics up for your cars for starters!
Hi Gerd, please hang around and you will be inside S9’s SuperCar Forum very soon. :(y):