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Cars owned: Porsche 992 Carrera S Porsche 993 Carrera S Porsche Macan GTS 1967 Fiat 500 VW Golf R daily
Hey chaps - I'm a long-time car nut, referred over here by Moz (esteemed colleague!!). Porsche saddo (currently GT4, 993 Carerra S, Macan S) with a history including Caterham, Lotus, Scoobies and various hot hatches incl 1.9 205 Gti, Mk 1 Golf GTi, a bunch of other Golf's...

Nice to meet ya all..!!

Welcome Rich!

Great to have you here - we need more pork lovers, since recently we have been taken over by Mac owners... 😂

We love pics btw - especially if cars 😊
Welcome Rich. Stick around, get involved and post plenty of pics. We like pics.
Welcome Ken 👍
Welcome Rich! Great ownership list. I must try and tempt you back into a Lotus to balance the Porkers and Macs
I saw Lotus mentioned so you must be ok ;). Welcome :)
Welcome Rich and great to hear that you will be joining us in April to the Nurburg/Spa trip!
Welcome Rich !!

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Welcome to S9's , the more pork the better. 👍
Welome 🏎 👍
thanks for the warm welcome guys. Yes, Farook messaged me about the ring/spa trip - all booked up..!!

Will get some pictures up when I have a chance.... been zooming around Tunbridge Wells in my 50 year old Fiat 500 today!!
Evening Rich, good to see you on here.

Have a great Christmas mate

Just granted you private area access, you can see more now
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Welcome Rich,

More Pork pictures please!

Enjoy the forum

Welcome. You will be fine here as long as you don't buy a Mac, and like it. 😂
Welcome from one Rich to another! Good pedigree... [emoji106]

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