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Hello All,

A couple of friends, pointed me in the direction of this Forum.
I'm John, Yesterday I picked up a Gen1 997 GT3
From Greig at RPM in Herts. Who I have to say have been excellent to deal with.

I have an F10 M5 which is due to go back in December.
I used to have a 996 c4s, which went a few years back when the kids were very young.
So its nice to be back in a Porsche, way better than old and feeling very lucky to have one.

Hoping to get as many track days in as possible next year in the Pork.

Im also a keen art collector, buying and selling mainly street art for the past 10 years has been a hobby.

Looking forward to getting to 'know' you all.


john ( moff )
Welcome John....

Hi John and welcome to S9's mate. I visited RPM earlier this year when they had their 'breakfast morning meet' , they seem a good bunch.
Hi John, welcome to S9. Yes we all know Greig in here, Ive known him since 2005 as it goes (sold my wife her first Mini way back from Mini Tring), top bloke.

RPM are a cracking outfit also.

Thanks for joining, please do stick around and get posting/contributing. Whack a few posts up in the public area and once we are assured you are not an alien from outer space here to infiltrate our little forum we can let you into the wider public areas (private) too :)
Welcome John - congrats on the new purchase
Thanks All,

I know a few other members, although cant be sure of their s9 usernames.
Hopefully I'll be able to assure you all I'm of this earth.

Here goes, attaching an image, hopefully it'll work.

Private member access granted

Stand down alien invasion here

Defcon 5 resumed :)
Moff, please assure us you do not look like this


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Welcome. Nice GT3!
Hey John,

Thanks for joining in. You'll like it in here bud and I'm glad I managed to steer you over to seeing a GT3 rather than the GTS. Mind you, they're still a cracking bit of kit too.

When isaw that pic you have put up, I thought it was a snap of Richard from his younger years (now look again yourself)............ !


Cant wait to see your car tomorrow, I think it is..
Cheers Nick,
The GT3 was always going to be the better option, of course.
Its strange buying a car and having to put it away in 'your' garage.
I guess folk on here a used to buying more exotic vehicles, and as such, more used to this type of thing.
I just want to get out on the track in the new car, and then Im sure it will come into its own.
The GTS would have been way more useable, more of the time, but less inclined to go round corners sideways, and with a great deal less noise.
I did get out for a little blast in the new car on Saturday with my son, who at six, quite rightly pointed out I should have 'brought the RS daddy'
It was raining, but we still managed to have some 'fun'

Ive just looked again at the picture, and ive got no further comments ;-)

Thanks again, all for the welcome hopefully get to meet some of you soonish.
Welcome John