New member saying hi


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Cars owned: Porsche Boxster S 981, Merc EQA EV
New member saying hi...

Own a 981 S and a Cayenne too (although of the dark oil burning variety) on Boxanet mostly (for the last 10 years) also PH (relatively regular SS attendee) and Blatters (less so, as too busy)....

...any chance I can now have access to the secret back room so I can be involved in the covert organisation of Beds/Herts/Buck meetings (that some dodgy fella :eek:sama: told me had partly ported over to this forum)

I know one post, and asking dont ask, you dont get eh? :thumbsup:
oh and I like taking pictures :) (2nd one not mine)
Hi mate, who's this dodgy dude then, !ol. Moz, I can vouch for this guy and his camera.. He's signed up for the rpm visit too.
hehe...that didnt take long!

I spoke to Pete earlier and he mentioned S9 too, wondered what he was talking about...he explained and here I am
Hi Stu, you've been personally recommended by existing known members, so that makes you real enough to me.

Welcome aboard the good ship S9, please jump on the RPM meet thread if you are coming to that.

Good to see you in here, stick around and get have private area access now
Welcome to S9 :(y):
Welcome aboard.
Do you like Maclarens?
Welcome Stu. I look forward to meeting you soon. So where are you located, Herts, Beds or Bucks ?