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Just to say hi. I've pretty active with the McLaren owners and done a couple of tours. Also just bought a AM V12 Vantage of johng39 who ive know for a good while. I also race a single seater in the British Sprint Championship for anyone whose involved in racing.

Some car pics for you.
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Welcome to the other side!

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First rule of mclaren ownership

Don’t get caught taking photos with lift up
Welcome Nick..... Mods, I and a number on here can vouch for Nick can we let him in to the fun palace please.
Haha true, poor excuse but I had just washed it ;)
Its a rare shot of a McLaren with the doors shut. Well done that man, Macs are the new Lambo for doors up in every shot :(rofl):

Welcome :(handshake):

Doors are open for you.

Post away and don't be put off by the McLaren hate on here as we're loved really...…………(wait for it) !

Love the pic of the Aston and it's caravan :):)
Pffffttt, all you caravan geeks, its clearly a Burstner Aviano motorhome. Amateurs.
Thanks for the welcome's guys, looking forward to some banter, don't worry I'm pretty thick skinned and can give as well as take.

Burstner was up to it's usual tricks of towing cars around, no sooner had I parked the AM, than it auto backed up, trying to see what they newbey was like ;) :)
Welcome Nick. More Geordies in the S9 club now!
welcome Nick.....put your bloody lift down
Welcome Nick!
Hi folks, also new on here and heard of you through mcx and the IOM adventure.. looking forward to joining you next year already!