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Hi Everyone.

I'm John from the NW. A true petrol head right here!

I've been brought up around cars, my farther was a world renowned restorer ofAustin Healeys, my uncle a massive classic race car collector and racer.

My brother was a Director at TVR, I was lucky enough to be driven around Donnington in the Speed 12 at the age of 13 or so.

I've raced from around 8 years old, autograss, karting to Super One Level and the first winter series of the Clio Cup.

More recently I've had a highly modified Subaru Running 666.5 BHP and 10.9 second 1/4 mile times.

I have a brother that has owned some amazing hyper cars including an Enzo.

Myself I run a detailing company, something I've been doing for around about 15yrs. I've been lucky to work on some amazing cars, for equally amazing clients. Deadeye Detailing is accredited by some of the world's best brands, equally personally I get to travel the world as a trainer for some of these brands. We are lucky that although approved we do not have to tie in to one particular brand and are able to offer the best solution for the job in hand. Some Coatings (it's been ages since we have been asked to finish with a high end wax!) can perform better on different paint types and each job is judged on its own merits.

Anyway I can't wait to see what's going on on this forum, maybe get up to a few meets etc. I won't be on here pushing for business, but if anyone has any questions or wants some help if your looking at having your car detailed elsewhere I will gladly look over any quotes you have or point you in the right direction.
Have you been recommended to S9’s by an existing member ?
Have you been recommended to S9’s by an existing member ?

Yep me Nick, he's a fellow Northern chum.
Good to see you on here John, piccies, we love piccies in here....