Newbie AshBrown saying hello plus a brief car history


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Cars owned: Gallardo, Westfield, Stag, RR, MGB, Twingo!

Met KnickeRS via an old friend and the only thing we could talk about was cars - other than that Nick was very boring! He mentioned S9 and instructed me to join in. Thought I'd drop everyone a line to intro myself and a brief history of my cars:

Ford Fiesta (mum's car) Wrote off in 6 months
MGB Roadster (1st car, still have it!)
Ford Fiesta (Sensitable days trying to buy a house)
Mini 850 (still have it)
Ford Popular (bought with uncle)
328 GTS
993 C2 (sorry end)
Stag (still have it)
Lotus Exige S240
Range Rover x 2 (still have 1)
Westfield (for the track, still have it)
Twingo (for the commute, still have it)
964 Turbo
Gallardo (still have it)

and a selection of photos...

Looking forword to getting to know everyone.



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My 993 ended up looking very similar to that!

Welcome :)
Welcome to S9 :(y):
Hi and welcome to S9's Ash. Loved the photos of your past history, in fact everyone should do this.
Hi Ash, another Lamborghini owner in here, we like them.

Nick has vouched for you can see the private areas now. Please post, a forum is only as good as those putting content into it

Thanks for registering
Oh fuck, I didn't think you'd actually join!!

Welcome then, I suppose.

Got any pics of you riding my MTB Ash, pics like that should definitely be shared :)
Welcome on board
Welcome. Glad to see the Gallardo's wheels are looking a lot better than the Rangies! :)
Morning and welcome.
Thanks for the greetings - see you in the forum