Our Increasingly Tyrannical Ruling Class.


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Most people are unaware of our right to Revolution, by armed force if needed, is enshrined in the Magna Carta.

The words call for 'Barons' to be able to do this, but the reality is that today we are all Barons.

John Locke, a truly great English thinker of the 17th Century wrote:-
"...whenever the Legislators endeavour to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience, and are left to the common Refuge, which God hath provided for all Men, against Force and Violence. Whensoever therefore the Legislative shall transgress this fundamental Rule of Society; and either by Ambition, Fear, Folly or Corruption, endeavour to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other an Absolute Power over the Lives, Liberties, and Estates of the People; By this breach of Trust they forfeit the Power, the People had put into their hands, for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the People, who have a Right to resume their original Liberty."

Further confirming that any Govt. that imposes itself excessively upon the lives of men has no longer the right to rule.

It is a measure of John Locke's intellect that 100 years later much of his thoughts on proper rule were enshrined in the Constitution of the United States, Thomas Jefferson was an avid reader of John Locke and took a great deal of his thoughts and refined them for a new Country.

The right to revolution is essential, it means that the over-riding concern for any Govt. should be that it fears the mass population, it is essential that the State fears us and not that we fear the State.

Much is made of the idea that revolution always involves terrorism, this is entirely wrong, terrorism only changes the rule of law under the existing power structure by visiting destruction upon the people themselves rather than deposing the holders of State themselves, Guy Fawkes was a revolutionary but not a terrorist.

It really is as simple as that definition.

The 'answer' to State tyranny is not terrorism, it is revolution.

We are about to here from our (frankly worthless) Home Secretary and perhaps today we will hear the new laws that will mean that even fomenting Revolution will be seen by the State as inciting terrorism.

I fully advocate a revolution in this Country, we are ripe for one.

Today we might find out that even planning the overthrow of this rogue State will become illegal, confining us all to an ever increasingly corrupt and self-serving ruling class.

An armed Police, a snooping State, a spied upon Internet and a remote ruling class means that no Politician or high ranking Civil Servant fears any imposition that they wish to impose upon us all and that is all that is needed for a tyranny to prosper.

I accuse this Govt. (and a few before it) of purposefully taking the path to tyranny. The means and offices of the State to wage war with other Nations is being brought to bear on the people.

This is unacceptable, not one true Englishman who looks to the struggles of the past can with any conscience stand by and allow this tyranny to prosper.
A couple of dots that no-one dare connect.

Let's go back 40 years.

The IRA was bombing the mainland here and creating a good deal of terror.

People were framed and overall the least was done and almost all that was done was ill-founded and badly investigated.

It was a shambles, it was a shambles because only the General populace was being attacked.

The IRA had entirely the wrong idea, the State didn't take them seriously because those at the top were entirely safe.

Then in 1976 during the Jubilee celebrations the IRA managed to muster half an ounce of intellect and realise they had been a bit dim.

They realised at that time that bombing the people was a waste and only hardened attitudes toward Eire.

It took them nearly 10 years, so no prizes for intellect on that front eh!:(giggle):

So they planned and schemed, schemed and planned and finally blew up an ex-Colditz inmate on the grounds of the Houses of Parliament.

This good man was Airey Neave.

A few months later another chap who was born Louis Battenberg was killed too, his ancestors made cakes I guess and was otherwise known as 'Lord Mountbatten'.

These two executions put the very fear of sharp steel up the 'arris of the great and good.

This was no longer 'terrorism' this had the potential of being the start of a revolution, things changed markedly as a result.

The IRA, not being imbued with the greatest levels of intelligence then went and started another mainland campaign that was entirely counter-productive to their 'cause'.

This campaign culminated in bombing Harrods in 1983... any hope they had of being anything more than people who kill the 'peasants' in terror attacks went down the Swannnee...

But someone had the good sense to drag 'the cause' back on track, they tried to blew up the Cabinet and dear old Mad Maggie herself.

That was a proper bit of revolutionary action and it sent shockwaves through the ruling classes.

Gerry Adams was given a new voice (a great opportunity was lost in not giving him Donald Ducks voice, which I think would have been hilarious) as he was 'voiced-over' by actors with dreadful fake accents.

It was enough, after that time every Govt. craved talks with the IRA, the talks were urgent or not dependent on only one thing, how unhappy the working population were at the time.

That is what fear of revolution does, it calls Govt's to stop behaving like lords and masters and start to show a bit of humility.

The general public were never allowed to connect the dots and so the Govt. only kow-tow'd to the IRA.

Only when the State fears the people do we get a fair and honest Govt.

All Govt's corruption stems from this total lack of fear that they might be spiked on the Tower of London or burnt in a Wickerman on the Downs of the Home Counties.

It is time for all good men to put the fear of cold steel up the ruling class of this Country.

After all, 'they're all in that together' aren't they!

I'd like to see some of the West's leaders treated in the manner they all connived to treat Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, remember he did nothing, they were (just like Roger Rabbit) framed.
Bad Thoughts From The Shires!

So as I sit here, having taken the Blunderbuss from the chimney-piece and having cleaned and primed it ready for revolution whilst eating my slice of Battenburg my thoughts turn to how we gain this essential change.

My plan is simple, when we inevitably get our own 'home-grown' terrorists of the Muslim persuasion we must all ask them to do down members of the ruling classes, take out adverts in the Muslim Times or the Suicide Bombers Gazette (I may have to do a bit research on exactly what these oiks read, if of course they can or do read anything at all except the Koran) extolling the virtues of ridding us all of the useless ruling classes and that we have no issue at all with them doing so with all haste.

I am certain this sort of encouragement from us all would be enough to get the revolution started.

Then we revolutionaries kill the Muslim scourge in the 're-shuffle' as the deck is cleared.

Isn't that a cracking plan?

I stole it from the CIA/MI6/Mossad as they've been doing it for the last 10 years and it works!

'Vive la revolution' as our bad breath'd cousins across the water say.
I think under the new terror laws i am compelled to dob you in to the rozzers

Sorry mycroft - stay lucky
I think under the new terror laws i am compelled to dob you in to the rozzers

Sorry mycroft - stay lucky

No worries, I've already sent them a letter saying you're a terrorist and you are planning a suicide mission.

Fairs fair after all is said and done!:(giggle):
I don't know you at all Mr Mycroft, however, I do find some of your posts genuinely interesting.

Of course, deep down there seems to be a closet anarchist trying to escape, or maybe just a frustrated patriot. Either way, I do share a lot of your thoughts...
Call me Ian.

Your 'spidey sense' is spot on, I am both, but not antagonistically.

The World is very much in the sway of a base political Hegelian dialectic, first create a problem which you can stop then offer that solution to the people and be seen as a Heroic figure by them and you have increased influence, control and power with each step.

This is what we are in the middle of at the moment.

Here in the UK the problem we have created is the threat of terrorism, the fact that we armed them and they have got a bit out of hand is hidden from you by the BBC and MSM. The solution is more power of the State and less accountability, this is tyranny.

So in my example in my third post I have taken that dialectic and turned it on it's head to show, if we were as conniving and venal as this Govt., what we would do.

It simply mirrors what the ruling class are doing right at this moment.

I am deeply patriotic and love all the freedoms that are being taken from us almost every day and mourn their passing.
Lee here!

I consider myself very very patriotic and it genuinely pains me to watch this land fall apart at the seams. The masses are either stupid, ignorant or simply don't care and it is all happening under our noses - even most politicians are full of apathy.

This sounds like a paradox but I am seriously considering moving my residency outside of the UK. It's a sad state of affairs where people who have lots to contribute to the nation, and love this country, are being driven out.

Whilst deeply unfashionable to admire, the only politician with any balls of late and what appeared to be a genuine sense of patriotism was actually Mad Maggie.
Ian, personally I like your posts, your views are in the real world, the fact of the matter is we are all living in an open prison....
Mad Maggie was the last PM from true middle-class roots and she fought everyone who trod on those that built businesses and instructed both Howe and Lawson to simplify and streamline the tax system.

No-one since her has had a business based middle-class heart.

That is what is lacking these days.

There is no real heart in the 3 main twerps and as a result it is hard to keep the wheels turning in any Business or just be in an industry with a vision of the better and wealthier future.

It hurts me to see how hard people have to work to even get the chance to improve themselves through hard work.

People know this and many just give up the unequal struggle.
Mad Maggie was the last PM from true middle-class roots...

This accolade probably belongs to her successor Sir John Major

However your point stands, in the last 20 or so years we have as a society become both
more governed by out of touch elites and more dragged down by the "chavastic".

There seems less room for those that want to

work hard, do what matters, support their children, enjoy success, rinse and repeat.

The worse word to enter general usage in our society is...entitlement, it reminds me of something some wise person said to me when I was a lad about Rights....."rights are just wants that you are unwilling to pay for"
Yep, you're right.

But he was also pro-european and Mad Maggie wasn't so he sort of crippled his potential by siding with more stricture on small businesses.

He bought the lie of European based betterment and got slapped for it on Black Wednesday, to some extent he was a Quisling in her camp.

It is he who finally got her to agree to joining the ERM.

He betrayed us all by doing so,including Mad Maggie.

I think she would have described him as a 'pull the ladder up' politician and Blair continued the process of cutting the traditional route to betterment that constituted that ladder.

The 'chav' phenomenon is a distraction, it is the perfect masque for something to blame.

There is a rule that many Sociologists of the old school would recite that is pertinent, it is no largely disregarded but that dismissal is wrong-headed in my opinion. The rule was:- "In the English Class system the important factor is proximity, the echelon that is immediately above the one below will be almost invariably despise that lower class and will immediately look to blame those just one step below for all the ills of a Nation"

In essence, despite the wide variation of each class, we still have the over-riding 3 class system, 'working class' / 'middle class' / 'upper class' and that still prevails in group thinking in a blame situation.

This is used to great effect in the UK, we recruit from the middle class for our police, they will by the very nature of their social position have a less than even approach to the rebellious and riotous working class.

You are middle class as are most people on this site and probably the vast majority of visitors reading this thread and it is natural to look below and point the finger of blame, but that is entirely the wrong way to look entirely.

I am pleased you can see that the blame lies elsewhere, but disappointed the old meme is present.

The reality is that all three classes to some extent can be and will split into sub-groups and what has happened in the last 20 years is that the middle class has developed a 'super group' of entitlement upper-middle class.

They were always there and as you'd expect the Upper classes despised them as being 'trade' even if they were very often far wealthier than almost the entire upper class, my own mother called such people tradesmen, dammit, she would see me as such as I work for my living.

In the past this upper-middle class would aspire to be as like the upper classes as much as was possible and their attempts laughed at and ridiculed mercilessly. I grew up in that atmosphere.

But the sea change happened about 20 years ago and this 'aspiration' was largely quelled and the upper-middle class set themselves as the 'Masters of the Universe' with only scant regard in emulating the upper class.

So we have this group that is really the root cause of the failure of almost the entire World economy recently and unable to revive it without taking a huge amount of real money out of the market-place and putting it instead into the over-geared 'market' of speculation.

You mentioned both and I am pleased you did, but I will give you the ratio of the quotient of anger and cost of our current failings.

For every ounce of anger you and all the middle classes hold for the chavs, you should have more than 100 ounces of anger for the group of upper-middle class 'soaks' that exist today.

That is the reality, the chavs are almost entirely inconsequential in the great scheme of things.

In fact the reality of consequence is worse than that, it is the poor and the lower-middle and middle-middle classes that are giving the most to this new elite.

That's you and almost everyone reading this and all but one or two on our website.

Every time people even put that ounce of anger into spitting venom at the chavs means the real cause is lost to their minds, for many seeing everything as the fault of the chavs is all they think there is to the problem or is an equal cause.

It is simply not the truth, in fact it is an outright and purposeful lie to distract attention from the real cause.

Yet that mong Iain Duncan-Smith gives the poor even more hardship by taking 3 million a year from those already too poor to pay for heating and food and is cheered by the very people who are paying a huge tithe not to the poor but to those at the top.

I am a descendent of an entitled and overtly oppressive family of what were Robber Barons and I see the same memes that ran through my family history reflected in the present situation across the World.

These memes are as plain as day to me, having grown up in a family that rejoiced in our sordid history of identical exploits that are only separated from the present exploits of our present Robber Barons by time.

Good reply - thank you

Chav to me it not the working class (or the unemployed) but the shallow, work shy, non caring, entitled, fake tan brigade.

The two things that make me want to punch out are the islington crowd - I have really developed a hatred for blair (do goody war mongering twat) and the ambulance chasing compensation, fake claim culture, in fact if I was allowed three things I would add Towie
I use the term chav selectively as well, but it is a much broader sweep of persons.

I consider it to be exclusively those that receive or need 'benefits' from the state.

That now (due to the excesses of the now rampant upper-middle class) means many people who are paid so badly that to survive they have to both work and receive 'benefits' and that is a huge swathe of the lower-middle class.

This is bad news too.

This lower-middle class is essential for a thriving economy and although often reviled in the past as 'aspirational' and it is from their ranks that the essential churn of wealth and jobs comes.

By putting this class into 'benefits' we cripple our economy in the most visceral manner possible and create a wealth division that will finally cause chaos.

The only thing keeping a cap on that chaos is that there is the reliance and the recent paring to the bone of these benefits is toying with deep emotions, deep emotions of the largest group who have suffered the greatest loss of advancement in the last 7-8 years.

In the book 'A Tale of Two Cities' by Charles Dickens, there is the recounting of the wine cask and the scramble for the spilt wine, if you read the book carefully Dickens connived his writing to make this the start of the Revolution in France, an everyday occurrence that rumbled on, all revolutions start from such small moments in history. We won't see our own trouble because it will come from such a tiny final break of acquiescence, what i do know is that unlike in Dicken's novel things will escalate at a startling pace.
The modern class system is simply as follows:

- The Upperclass / Successful sociopaths

- Useful fools (those who directly or indirectly serve the agendas of the upperclass)

- Useless fools ( the unemployed and uneducated)

To quote someone: They (the upperclass) want a feudal society but prefer not to have to relocate to mosquito infested climes to enjoy one.
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The modern class system is simply as follows:

- The Upperclass / Successful sociopaths

- Useful fools (those who directly or indirectly serve the agendas of the upperclass)

- Useless fools ( the unemployed and uneducated)

To quote someone: They (the upperclass) want a feudal society but prefer not to have to relocate to mosquito infested climes to enjoy one.

Very succinct and by and large accurate.