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Please all make a warm welcome to another new S9's advertiser - Petrolhead Rally !

Petrolhead Rally offer luxury rallies and events based around both supercars and drivers looking for the ultimate road trip.
From the Black Mountain and Snake Passes in the UK, to the famous Stelvio Pass. So from Snowdonia to Italy, Monaco and Marbella, Petrolhead Rally offer road trips to exhibitions such as the Geneva International Motor Show, as well as track days and factory tours with our guests staying in some of the most luxurious hotels and private residences the UK & Europe has to offer and indulging in VIP beach, pool and yacht parties along the way, their aim is to offer you a road trip that you’ll remember forever !

Please visit their website for more information
Welcome to S9’s, please keep us all updated with what’s going on.
Factory tours are a favorite of mine.
Some nice rallies it seems! Welcome!
Good value events - reasonable prices for what they are offering.
Summer IOM Trip would be good !!

Flat out & legal ( and that’s just the women. 😉 )
Thanks Nick, and thanks for having us on here.

We've got some pretty good events/rallies planned for this year, and hope to see some of you join us!

We'll post out a few events over the next few days ;)