Please welcome new member Sizona


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Cars owned: Porsche 996
Sizona (Simon) is a pal of mine from the Lotus world. He should be along shortly to say hi and hopefully post up a pic of his lovely Evora GTE.

Welcome to s9👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I see Trevor is trying to ensure we don't get an influx of Porsche people on the same day :)

Welcome Simon...:(y):
Welcome to this abode 😄
Welcome to S9's.
Welcome Simon, good to have you on here
Welcome Simon.

Looking forward to seeing the images of your GTE.

Enjoys S9's and get stuck in chap.
Welcome along. :(clap):
Thanks for joining Simon, welcome in.

Whack a few posts up and I will open the doors to the private areas :)
Welcome Simon!
Welcome Simon.
No Porsche or Mclaren? :D
Welcome to S9 :)
Thanks guys for all the welcomes...such hospitality :(smirk): Appreciated.

Look forward to meeting up with some of you, yep will get one of my Lotus out and bring along, esp the GTE. match up with Trevor.

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Well done for posting up Simon, start a thread and post a couple of pics of the blue twins.