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Remember the MMR kerfuffle many years ago?

I do!

When my first son was born his mother was an Aspiring Veterinary Surgeon and she was adamant that our son had only singular vaccines, no combined vaccines at all.

Later with the birth of my second (different wife) I had a huge struggle with my GP in getting singular vaccines.

Well it seems that despite the desires of many Pharma Co.'s to have put the matter of the MMR behind them it's coming back to haunt many.

We were told that there was no link between the MMR vaccine and various 'problems' and the numbers were very low and a proportional risk, it was a lie.

The reason why my second wife was dead set against many vaccines is that dealing with small animals she witnessed entire lifespans in short spans, in other words pets don't live that long compared to us and so effects that may take ten, twenty perhaps thirty years in us to appear compact up 7 to 10 fold, so 2 to 4 years.

I had for a while thought that merthiolated vaccines were dangerous but had a assumed (wrongly) that Organo-mercury was no longer used as a preservative and vector barrier.

Merthiolated simply means that, there is Mercury in the vaccine and multi-vaccines have rather a lot in them.

The endemic rise since that time of various Immune Mediated Diseases bears all the 'hallmarks' of mild Mercury Poisoning on a national scale.

Many of the studies quoted here to calm things down came from research in the USA and much of the raw data for our own 'research' came from the CDC in the USA too.

Lately those involved in conducting and collating the basic core studies have come forward and said the figures had been manipulated and were skewed to show what was wanted.

To date not a single newspaper or media outlet has had the bottle to even mention this.

I only know one thing... Mercury even with a single carbon molecule attached is always bad for the Human body, but it is far worse for the Brain.

MRI scans on any mammal injected with various metals will show varying degrees of damage in the brain and all the 'heavy' base metals do serious damage, but Mercury is the only one that is 'self-perpetuating', in other words whereas Lead will cause damage and then deplete it's attack finally stopping fairly quickly, Mercury just keeps killing Neurons and last for weeks compared to Lead's 2-3 hours for the same basal dose.

When my second wife told me in the early 80s of there being Mercury in vaccines I didn't believe her as I thought that had stopped in the 50s or 60s.

These days it is not as if we don't have alternatives, we do, but all are more expensive than simple merthiolation.

I have written to the BMA today with an FOI request for a list of all vaccines that have any Mercury or Organo-mercury in their formulation including any secondary or supplemental sublimation.

I keep this thread updated as and when (possibly 'if') I get a reply.
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The previous 'scare' concentrated on the various strains of likely infection and those chosen for the vaccine, not a great deal of attention was devoted to what I think is the real issue.


I'm looking to find out all the types and methods used to merthiolate vaccines.

The only thing in the public domain is that combined vaccines appear to use far more Mercury than the singular vaccines, even when you add them up, that ties in with my 'thought' that is to ensure the vaccines are individually stopped from combining/eliminating/depleting their effectiveness.
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Ebola, what you're not being told.

Ebola for a long time was considered a 'weak' Virus, the reason was simple, it is too effective in killing.

This does at first seem counter-intuitive, if it kills it's host 9 times out of 10 then surely it's a terrifying and extreme disease.

But the problem is that if a Virus kills it's host so effectively it's own life cycle is disrupted and the outbreak loses momentum.

It is that simple really, anything with a 20% kill rate is a damned sight more scary for the masses than a far more pathological 90% killer.

So that's all right then, isn't it.

Well what you are not being told is an old story, the story is about a woman, you'll know her 'moniker' the moment you read it, her name was 'Typhoid Mary'... Mary Mallon was her real name.

You can read about her on the net.

As an Asymptomatic Carrier she was the other, less known, means of carrying a devastating disease to the masses.

If a Virus kills 90% of those infected then if even one percent of that total struck down survive and remain Asymptomatic then the disease can spread like wild fire and still keep killing on a massive scale.

We know that from various experiments in the 1990s that various strains of Ebola leaves many Monkeys as Asymptomatic Carriers.

The reason for my concern is that we in the West keep bringing back those who have been infected and 'cured' here... if this particular virus has adapted this ability to leave a route to infection then bringing them here (setting aside the risk of failure of safety measures) could be a total disaster.

The longer the 'gestation' period of the infection is a known pathway for Symptotic behaviour, it's no the only one, but it is an essential so as to ingrain itself (usually via the Gall Bladder) into a persons bodily fluids.

Until we know more I cannot think of a single good reason to bring here a merging Virus even if we cure the sufferer, we may just make the biggest error of the 21st century so far.

This strange course of action worries me, I'll still sleep soundly tonight. I don't worry, perhaps I should.
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Last evening I spent some time in the company of our local GP and he brought up the subject of Ebola and was quite dismissive of any fears raised.

Fair enough, so I mentioned the 'alternative' transmission via asymptomatic carriers, after a little pause he countered that with "But she was a one-off, one in literally millions, there was only one Mary Mallon."

I had to agree, there was indeed only one Mary Mallon, a person that could survive the 5(?) mutations of Typhus and not suffer anything more than a headache.

But I replied she was not the only asymptomatic carrier there were thousands that survived the first strain who went about there business only to infect others with there old strain only at a later time to die from one of the various mutations.

Over time the numerous carriers were whittled down to just one person, the last (wo)man standing was Mary Mallon, but there had been thousands of 'proto' Typhoid Mary's over the course of the epidemic.

It does seem that fierce virus's like Ebola use this carrier method to prolong their life and it's cycle.

Poor Mary Mallon was a life-long victim of her amazing immune system, she was at the extreme end of Darwinism which is just as hopeless (finally) as the other extreme end of it, the suicidal manic depressive. Ironically that extreme opposite of psychology is also applicable to Mary Mallon, she was, despite her solitary confinement, irrepressibly cheerful.
So in Dallas, Texas they have a chap in one of their Hospitals that it seems got worried about his own chances of surviving Ebola in Liberia that he jumped on a 'plane and whilst stopping off in Paris and Dulles Airports on his 33hr flight along the way finally wandered around Dallas for 4 days potentially infecting people.

There were, 24hrs ago, just this guy and one other as disease sources.

12 hours ago that figure hit 16.

Now we have 80 in Dallas as contact points and under supervision.

The 'plane was reported to have flown on to Hawaii last night and this evening it has been confirmed that there is a single case of Ebola in Hawaii.

Hopefully it will blow itself out.

Time will tell.
120 as I type, all contacts stemming from this single man with Ebola, plus two alerts in neighbouring counties.

If this strain of Ebola has mutated as the Reston strain did and has become partially airborne it could spell trouble... trouble in letters writ large.

Patient Zero was working in an Ebola area and is thought to have been on the staff of a field hospital, but that is not confirmed at all just reports from singular sources without cross checking.

If this strain has gone all reston on us basically it's kiss your 'arris goodbye time.
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When I was in Senegal recently I was paranoid about the whole Ebola thing. I flew out on the 1st September, but on the Friday before they announced there first case of it. This was not ideal, as I had to spend 3 weeks there. I have never cleaned my hands so much in my entire life. Stupidly however when I left the country and went through security at Dakar airport these refused to allow me to take a 50ml bottle of hand sanitizer through-not matter how much I protested. Mental.
Ebola: Look at the USA and learn how not to do it!

Looking across the Atlantic it seems that the most 'advanced' nation on earth is run by nothing more than a Third World governing body.

In fact, given the resources, this Obama administration can not only be accused of incompetence, but found guilty.

From here this is extraordinary and bewildering in equal measure.

Ebola has the highest risk rating along with from some very exotic Pox's. We here in the UK have shut down all flights from the infected areas and quite a few nearby too. But in Europe flights are landing every day with people from the infected areas en route for the USA. Flights from the infected areas in Africa are still allowed to stop off in Europe and then finally land right in the heart of the USA. The first case seems to be a 'Health Tourist' hoping to get better treatment in the USA.

So the Federal Govt. has allowed a huge disease risk into the USA, so what does that have to do with us here in the UK?

Well, we travel freely between our country and the USA and it only takes one infected person to create an epidemic, just one. There may come a point when if the USA does not get a handle on this potential disaster that we here will have to close our Airports to travellers from the USA.

The problem is International, but is dealt with successfully on a local level and not only has the USA failed nationally but it seems they are totally inept locally, Dallas is epicentre of concern today, the level of response to this man from Africa in meeting dozens of people is shockingly inept.

Read about the apartment he stayed in, the people in the apartment, the Ambulance used and not cleaned for days, the vomit from this man on the footpath near the Hospital also not cleaned for days and finally cleaned off into the sewer network by a couple of road cleaners wearing T-shirts and anyone who has any concept of containment of disease and infection.

So we must just look on in horror and learn from their failures.

...and hope they manage, despite an endless stream of incompetence and ineptitude, to get a grip and not let loose this death-dealing scourge.

For your information, we have just 4 beds in containment wards in the UK that can with certainty isolate the Ebola infected and just 40 more one grade down. That's it!

We don't rely on containment, we rely on rejection, rejection at our borders of those that we suspect may be infected.

We should be in a good position, we have water all around us... sadly though we have no air border and no border at all to the European states.
The US Ebola patient has died.

He had contact with 100+ people before he went into isolation.

We are about to send 750 troops into Sierra Leone, they will return home and there are no plans to quarantine them.

This is not a good move.
I followed Ebola many years back.

There is a mathematical concept attached to risk of outbreak and it derives by how fast it spreads vs how many die. Higher death rates actually stop transmission because people die before they have spread it further.

It's called the reproductive number and is explained here:

Current estimates is an R value of 2-3, which is the same as the 1918 Flu Pandemic which killed 50-100m people globally (3% of world population at the time).

It is however more easily stopped in Western countries with better tracking and isolation. You don't need to isolate all carriers, just enough to stop the rate of new infected being above the death rate, at which point R drops below 1 and it goes into decline.

Personally I also advocate shutting the borders pre-emptively. Frankly there's no business that must be done with these countries that cannot either wait or be done by phone/internet.
Good stuff Guy.

I think though the rating is too low.

The reason is that the Reproductive number is dependent upon many things, but two of them are of real concern.

I'll pull the two together. At present the number is based on incubation period, the standard model of early Ebola had a 3-5 days incubation, but as it's extent has increased the virus has additionally mutated, the mutation has been to extend the incubation period, taking it to 10-21 days, this has a dramatic effect on the R number. The other effect of this mutation is adaptation, the earliest outbreaks were brought under control because you needed to be in direct contact to complete the renewal life cycle, there are serious reasons to believe that along with the mutations effecting the incubation it may be effecting it's ability to survive for a longer period 'out of body', to effectively survive in the cold and remain virulent.

All virus's do this in this sequence, it is immutable.

With each outbreak, the number and extent of mutations grows.

To see this in the mind's eye it is as if as each outbreak grows in size (area) the virus itself 'grows' in it's ability to survive and progress.

Each subsequent outbreak becomes more and more lethal and long lasting than every previous.

The Ebola of today has many more effective attributes than the one just 3 years ago.
There is also a darker time bomb, Ebola remains alive and active in semen in people who survive the disease (40%) for about a year, it is almost unique in the attribute.

It is a far more dangerous virus than many perceive.
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