RAF fly past, 100 ys celebration. Tuesday 10th July


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To celebrate the RAF 100 yrs celebration, there will be a flypast via London ( one of the largest collections of different generation RAF aircraft )

12-45 Colchester on to Chelmsford
13-00 The Mall London
13-05 Hendon
13-08 Runnymead
13-10 Heathrow
Is there a list of the participating aircraft Vinny ?
When you consider the last 100yrs, some of those planes will struggle to fly together as some I would expect will struggle to have a max speed close to the stall speed of the modern fighter.
Might pop out and get some pics.. :(y):
Just saw one by RAF Coningsby, couldn’t work out what was going on at first!
no Hawker Harrier?...the Falklands hero.....strange......ok so I just read the poster again...."up to 100 aircraft to include"......so it will be there
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I saw the North was forgotten about once again!

They couldn’t be arsed coming up here