S9's welcomes new advertiser RPM Technik !!!


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RPM Technik have been involved with S9 for several years now and are well known to many of the members as being very busy building their brand which includes the many project cars and CSR departments too.

Any members who are less familiar with the business, RPM Technik are a Porsche Specialist located near Tring in Hertfordshire. Established in 2001 we are a very efficient and capable team and the three directors Greig, Ollie and Darren who do Sales, Technical and Commercial respectively are total car enthusiasts to the core.

The RPM Technik directors campaign their acid green Porsche GT4 on many track days around the UK whilst supporting many of our track day enthusiast clients so if you do see our car, pop along top our garage and say hi.

RPM Technik are a part of the Porsche Partner network so have full access to diagnostic tooling and factory support.

With the sales part of the business RPM Technik specialise in all models but with a focus on GT and Turbo models in the main.

RPM Technik have a growing Projects department and Ollie and the boys have put out some cracking cars. The in-house engine building department have built some very trick engines including a 395 bhp fire breather that started out as a stock 964 engine and we have also developed our own brand of track focused cars that are badged as CSR and which have received rave reviews on many media platforms Europe wide.

S9's members are always welcome to pop along and take a tour of our facility and speak in more detail with us about their specific needs.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Welcome to S9's.
I attended a bacon roll and cuppa meet here a few years ago, you've a great set up, it's good to have you here.