Sam elasar and jonathan wood


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If you guys want to go have a hotel room in IOM this year you need to ring the hotel and cough-up PDQ - seriously : its all booked up and they need payment!! : see the thread or ring hotel direct : Sandra Bosch 01624 818123

This is urgent if you want to secure your room!

Then please let me know you've done it!
fuck me this thread is going well!

can anyone who knows there two dudes please bring this to their attention? they may lose their hotel rooms!
You can message Sam through Facebook easily, he's on there quite a bit

I have no idea who Jonathan Wood is though it Rosco's mate / passenger ?
Nope, don't know him either.
My room is paid up and I could not get another room for my mate, so am having a twin. If another room is available, please let me know ASAP and I will get it booked.
Could Jonathan Wood be someone confusing Julian Wood and not realising he doesn't need a room as he's local ?

Never heard of this Jonathan Wood dude ??
I reckon that is exactly what it is.

Shall I get this booked tomorrow, then if another person needs another room, we can shuffle it around?