Say hello to Chris K!!!

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Evening all,

Please welcome friend to many, faster than most and slower than many Chris Knox ;) . Chris grew up surrounded by motorsport and from an early age he attended many race meetings at Ingliston and Knockhill, with his father’s Van Diemen FF1600. After watching father Alex for many years, at the age of 10 Chris decided he wanted to race. The rest is history… (I nicked that from his website)

Anyway - he's overdue being on here and saying hello so I thought I'd start it for him. Don't forget to ask him about the many nice cars he gets to teach billys in.

I know you will welcome him on here.

Heh Chris and welcome.
Bonjoir! 😁
Fastest mini driver in the world
Welcome Chris 😃
Hi Chris and welcome.

Were you the ChrisK that I was introduced to at Silverstone by Rosco yesterday ?
Hi Chris, welcome aboard the good ship S9

Stick around and post away

We like people who post in here
Even if he is.......SCOTTISH!!!
About time too Chris!!! :(clap):

He is very quick in a Mini, I'll give him that, but I had him on the straights yesterday with ease I tell ya!!!!
Welcome aboard Chris :8):