The Big Bang.


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As some here will know I have a huge interest in the Quantum World, I am by the initial thrust of my education a Mathematician and in the last few months there has been a growing hypothesis that is seriously challenging the current and largely accepted meme of 'The Big Bang'.

It is very complex, but I will try to encapsulate it as best I can.

Get yourself a cuppa, a few biscuits and turn off the radio or TV.

In simple terms the existing 'model' is that if we reel back time we return to a 'Singularity' an infinitely small and infinitely dense point is space where all Mathematics and Physics do no longer 'work'.

The problem has always been that all the physical Maths on this are confined to 4 dimensions (x,y,z + time) and so we were confounded in every attempt to go back to '0'.

This was always considered a 'dimensional' issue and so we piled on dimensions in various theories, up to 22 of them.

Dimensions are simply tensors, a means to calculate, as though a path was a dimension in and of itself.

What is now becoming clear to some (but not to others) is that perhaps the answer is far more simple.

What appears to be a 'Big Bang' was part of a collapsing Hyperstar.

This is a 4 dimensional Star, like our own but enormous, perhaps the size of a small Galaxy, but it exists as a starting point for 'our' time.

This is a fundamental re-think on the matter of time itself.

The best way to explain this simply is to use the analogy of AD/BC in our own Christian calendar, we exist now in the 'AD' part of Cosmological time and before this star collapsed was the counterpart 'BC'.

There was an entire Cosmos and it's time signaature destroyed by the collapse of the Hyperstar.

The size and extent of the collapse allows an additional Dimension to momentarily exist.

In our cosmos when a Star collapses in four dimensions, the outer layers get blown out into space and the inner layers collapse to form a black hole. The black hole being surrounded by the three dimensional surface know as the event horizon it is three dimensional because time ceases at the event horizon.

A Hyperstar adds a dimension to the mix.

The inner layers collapse into a black hole and are surrounded by a four dimensional event horizon that includes a time like transition. However all of the outer layers don't explode out randomly into space like they do in our 'AD' Cosmos.

Some of the outer layers form a sheet, a four dimensional sheet, that looks like an extra layer on top of the event horizon. This sheet then expands slowly away from the Hyperstar remnant, as it has enough momentum to escape the collapse.

To see this think of a Tennis Ball, inside is a Black hole and the outer 'skin' is our Cosmos.

So our Cosmos is not a Ball that is growing, it is a Bubble and we are part of the containment that is the material of the bubble.

All the maths 'work' in this model, in fact they work better in many aspects, but the most important aspect in which they continue to work is that they continue into the 'BC' period.

Many are sceptical and it might be a deceit of the Maths itself. No-one is certain at the moment.

It does cause problems with Dark Matter, but as that is not a definitive subject that is fully understood we may yet find that in the end this 'Cosmos in a Shockwave' model has better answers.

I did better than I thought I would! Short and concise and not too hard to grasp I think.


Does that have any tie in with the Holographic Principle?
Too early to be definitive but as this 5 Dimensional Brane Universe could dispense with it as we no longer have to accept the numerous slightly strange 'it must have done this to cope' mechanisms of the last 20 years.

We've had to accept less than elegant and often contradictory answers because we know the model is increasingly wrong.

The Holographic principle is only a 'could be' it is not a definite, it's nothing more than idea and often in practice contradictory to other stronger theories or other hypotheses.

Our reality is a projection that much is true and certain, but whether we could say that comes (as any String theorist will tell you) from their particular 2D branes we consider strings to be. Their 4D world has 6 further dimensions (M-theory a further 7!) as tensors so their preferred maths requires Holographic projection to exist.

Projection whether it is Holographic or not is all perception.

A cup on your table and a cup you casually leave in the Hallway are only different distances from you, because the given distances are not the same. If that cup is in the hallway the only thing that gives it a existence is our projection of it's image in our brain, that may be holographic but only because we populate our minds with a continual movie, so we 'tend' toward liking the idea of a Holographic Cosmos because we live in one in our head. In that example if we forget the cup in the hallway is there we can't compare the distances, but it is still there, we just no longer project it's existence in our brain.

The 5D Hyperstar Collapse hypothesis is a very strong hypothesis indeed, it adds to the overall understanding and fits everything that is accepted as theory so far thrown at it (early days though and it could fail) in this it has far more 'use' than any holographic projection argument, it could irrevocably destroy it or confirm it, but it is looking like much of the HP idea is just us and our largely holographic mind projection taking too big a place in our thinking.

It's the way we see things, it may just take up too strong a position simply because of that fact.
clearly you don't know your arse from your elbow.

We were created by ALIENS.
Interesting stuff, thanks Mycroft.

Sometimes I wish I'd reconsidered taking A-Level Maths at the time of Sixth Form; I took one look at the syllabus and walked away. It wouldn't have helped me directly in my current career but I've always had a firmly geeky personal interest in Physics, Cosmology/Astronomy, etc. and at the level they interest me now, mathematics is absolutely key (or at least it feels as though I'm missing out by not grasping those details, not assuming that A-Level Maths would be sufficient for some theories of course).

The trip I took to the CCFE a few years ago didn't help. Absolute nerdgasm.
Marko, the great thing is that once you have a reasonable amount of knowledge you can skip a lot of the 'Base' maths (because you are not going to have to justify any research you may do) and go on to understanding thanks to a very wonderful thing about Cosmology, it is in fact all about 'geometry' not angles and things but the highest level of Maths is all about the geometry and interaction of the geometries of process.

So you can cut out the hard work and although that means you can do no original work it does mean that if you read enough and use our wonderful holographic processing that reside in all our minds you can grasp so much that is wonderful and beautiful.

For example many years ago there was a question on the Soarer site about catalysts and how magical they seemed to, and indeed all catalytic reactions are wonderful, look at the view given of them from an Electron Microscope and you see something intensely beautiful, but for years we didn't understand what we saw, then it was just the realisation that what we saw was a sort of Victorian Ball Room, where atoms, not people swapped partners and the partners were at first shy and then when teased enough become enthusiastic and took the offer to dance with gusto, we watched and realised that to do this the surface of the catalyser must be intricate because the partners always seemed to come from right at the back as much as the front and so we realised the intricate and beautiful structure that is a catalysing material and all that was realised and since exploited because at this higher level of the structure of Atomic surfaces the maths are as geometric as the surface itself, that is beauty, right there, a deep and sensual beauty.

All those strange letters and hieroglyphics in formulae, they are not numbers, they describe geometry and each hieroglyph just denotes a bit of a sort of chain length jigsaw puzzle.

It is beautiful.