The People that Made the Modern World.


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Have you ever wondered why the Modern World is the way it is?

Why almost all the great advances have come from just one relatively small Pale-skinned group of humans?

I'll tell what you have never been told... the truth.

The answer is Eugenics, not the kind you'd have heard about, but a natural occurrence of it.

This strange set of circumstances has been suspected to be the cause of the rise of Western Civilisation but it is only recently confirmed by the analysis of the genetic root program.

For a long time the idea was that it was the Ice-ages that set us upon this course.

As I've written about previously during the worst of the catastrophic ice-ages of the past we, the pale-faced humans of Europe and the Steppes suffered appallingly, we all have a common past, we were nearly wiped out, perhaps just 12 tribes survived into the thaw.

If you are white, and have translucent skinned grand-parents (an important survivalist trait) then you are a survivor, a direct ancestor of one of those 3000 people... you, me and countless other white people we encounter every day.

There wasn't just one ice-age, there were many subsequent to the one that nearly wiped out the entire white race.

That was the natural eugenics program we underwent, repeated culling, every time the stress of needing to survive forced innovation and that is what made us the most inventive and clever humans on this planet.

So accurate is the trail of evidence and example that we now have had to revive the old term for us.

We are Xanthocroi.

If you fit the above simple description you, like me, are Xanthocroi, you only need 5 of 17 differences in the alleles in your DNA/RNA to be Xanthocroi and we are still changing our genetic print faster than any other race on the planet.

The 17 allele changes are not in any other race on Earth.

So for the first time ever there is a fully explained answer to why it is us that following the last Ice-age went on to start agriculture and farming, to navigate the globe, to build a Science based World.

We the Xanthocroi are the product of a series of natural disasters that culled the least capable leaving only those with real intellect to survive.

The lesson we can gain from this is that the coming Wars across Europe will again kill off the least worthy of survival.

So although I dispair at the thought of the coming slaughter and the reduction of the Xanthocroi from the 6% of the Worlds population to perhaps less than 1/2 a per cent it will mean that we again on the other side of the 100 years of conflict we move ahead even more startlingly.

So, arm yourselves fellow Xanthocroi, the future is terrifying and most of us will not make it out of the coming 'fire-age' but our forebears stood fast for us and so we now have to standfast for those that come after us.

Bless us all in the coming troubles.
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I'm not feeling very clever today

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What the above means is that despite you not being an Einstien that crafty and advantageous little mind of yours, the same one that has made you a multi-millionaire, is the product of hardship.

The innovation you brought to your business and the hard work is the product of that hardship, you are Xanthocroi.

We all drive lovely cars because we have this built in desire to move the World around us, to shape the future.

What gets you your Aventador and me my toys is the same instinct that meant your Ice-age forebears didn't die.

We even shaped the World we live in today to advantage our genes the most.

We changed it so that the wiliest and not necessarily the wisest will make the most of the World.

But we also realised that we needed the wise so the wiliest developed that extraordinary and least understood of white human traits... altruism.

Our ancestors realised that being a crafty bastard was not enough, they realised that innovation is nothing if not exploited.

So altruism is a corollary of exploitation.

You fit in the machine Mosi, perfectly.

A World of order out of what seems, at first, chaos.
I thought it was because clever people had all owned a csl at some point?
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