Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story


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If you have't seen Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story (you can watch on Sky) it is well worth a watch. I'd forgotten just how challenging it was for the Brawn team at the time.
I concur. Started watching it a couple of weeks ago.

It literally was mission impossible and all thanks to the double diffuser, boom!

What astonished me was how they could predict the lap times from the design of the car before they had even driven it, back in the day!
have to say the racing looked more interesting as well..... oh and the noise 😍
I watched this dome time ago but agree. It’s a story very well told and produced and should be compulsory viewing for anyone remotely interested in F1 and moreso if you watched it at that time. Fascinating !!
I always liked how Branson took advantage of it all
Thanks for the recommendation, just watching the first episode. Great stuff 👍