hello john the cabby


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hi lads met a few of the guys on like like sam (woppom)and david (Apollo) lovely blokes. I have a red mk2 996 GT2 and am im afraid to say a Porsche freak .I would love to buy radders GT3 but probably not possible at the moment . hopefully meet up with some of the members on here in the comming year thanks for letting me in :(handshake):
Welcome along John, stunning car 👍
Hi John and welcome to S9's.
There are many Porsche nutters on here so you're not alone. I love your GT2, it brings back memories.
911s look superb in Red... GT2's most especially.

Welcome over here John :)
Welcome John, great group here and good to see some proper Porsche too.

As for Radders GT3, you are too late ;)
Mycroft is back 👍
Welcome John.
That's a rare beastie you have there, and especially in Guards red, which I absolutely love btw.

Had it long ?
it was just a dream to tell the truth rosco thanks everyone :(y):
Welcome aboard John !
Welcome John, thanks for joining.

As you have been vouched for and know people I will sort private areas access for you now :)

Do stick around, love that GT2
Welcome John :(y):
Lovely GT2
Welcome John. Lets see some more pics of the GT2. Original factory clubsport? Must be rare in red.
thanks ian its not a clubsport but very well specked with a lot of carbon bits It seems to be the only red rhd mk001.JPG2
Changed the wheels!
G-Force motorsport in Aylesbury used to have a red GT2 996 as one of their demo cars

They went bust years ago, no idea what happened to it.
Guards GT2 yummy, you will fit right in here. Welcome.
I think it was a mk1 moz everyone keeps telling me its the only rhd mk2 .still cant understand why people don't like them as much as gt3s .mine is bog standard but i should imagine with the suspension and everything sorted it would be a mega track car . I test drove a mk1 997 gt3 a couple of weeks ago and it didn't do it for me . saying that ill still probably end up with one unless fingers crossed the gt3 991s start to reduce in price