Kate's Cottage

They decided to sell as the 2 675LT owners are shaking the place to pieces. ;).

Thought you'd be snapping that up Henry
Nothing a bulldozer and decent landscaper wouldn't sort out I suppose...... Henry's stables look more plush that that place! 😬
I suppose at Kate's age, its getting hard to pull out of her drive with these new fangled Mclarens that have arrived on the island buzzing past.
It's still for sale as I just went out and buzzed it in the Macca. :)
If it was about £100k I'd be interested.
From memory anything that is a "land mark" on the course cannot be altered so maybe that's why it's cheap?
I would think it's a pretty decent location, could be made a lot nicer
Always thought moving to the IoM would be nice and looking at some of the properties available there has started to whet my appetite a little ...
You'd have to be deaf to live there, it'd be getting buzzed by fast cars and bikes all hours.