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Hi guys,

I’m new here, although I think I’ll probably have encountered a few of you at events here and there. I’m also on Instagram - @zakttroy

I’ve got quite few cars but most of the time I’m in the Wraith or the 720S and a few new toys incoming for 2019.

Still figuring out how to add some photos from my iPhone without them coming out mahoosive!!

Welcome aboard Zak!
Welcome Zak.

How did you hear of S9’s as in, were you referred ?
Welcome mate! Your on my insta
Welcome Zak! 😎
Welcome aboard Zak, good to have you in here.
Stick around and get posting
Doors open now btw Zak.
A couple here have vouched for you.
Thanks!! Hopefully it was all good [emoji23]

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Lets just say that we’re keeping an eye on you :)
Welcome Zak - Good to see you finally made it!

Hi there, a few people referred me, namely @Waynelowery
Welcome Zak - Good to see you finally made it!