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Cars owned: Currently F10 M5 - a history of 911's, Lotus, M cars and a load of bikes thrown in for good measure
Hello all

Used to be a member of this forum way, way back when. Anyway just moved down the road from the Sultan of Tring who suggested I may want to get back on here.

No interesting metal at the moment (unless you think a mapped 335d is interesting - it isn't) but past owner of Exige's, Maserati's, M3's and 911's and LOTS of superbikes until I became one third of the married population by getting unmarried which put paid to that!

Anyway, beady eye currently on a C63 so should be back in the ranks of some decent horsepower some time soon

Nice to be back
Welcome, good to see that you've rejoined the fold.

Why not pop along to the Gatsby in Berko this evening for a drink as there'll be a few of us there?

Moz said about the Gatsby

I'm out in town tonight but will pop in if back at a sensible time
Welcome home.
Welcome :(y):
Welcome back :(y):
Welcome back!
Keep giving Moz stick and you will fit in fine.

Did you ever buy any of Moz's old cars?
More importantly, did you ever find any sticky messes anywhere and wonder what they were? ;)
Did you have a different name/login in your older life ?
Yes, but can't remember for the life of me what it was....something like jls22 or jamess22???

No, I've not had any of Moz's hand me downs, you just don't know where they've been....