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Cars owned: Speciale, SV Roadster, LP640 Roadster, Yaris GR, 991.2 GT3RS, Taycan CT4S, Alfa 1.5 Ti. Citroen AMI!
Please be upstanding for our latest Forum Sponsor - Apollo Capital - Financiers of the World's Finest Cars.

Some of you will remember Andy King from Oracle Finance from a few years back?. Well he's back in the game with Apollo Capital based out of Harrogate & London and focused at the higher end of the market (where Oracle used to be before becoming a bit more mainstream chasing volumes).

I will let Andy pop on here and say more. Their new banner advert should be up soon too.
No excuses now lads, get buying those cars
c'mon then what's the deal?
Good morning Gents,

Thanks to Steve, Henry, and Nick for the warm welcome.

Excited to be back in the game, thought it would be prudent to give a little insight into what we are all about and how we aim to be different from your previous financing relationships, and perhaps sell the virtues to those of you yet to be convinced that it is worth considering.

The biggest benefit I can offer is experience, I have been in the prestige, sports, and classic car finance industry my whole working life, I love what I do and have built great relationships throughout the finance world and motor trade along the way. Like you all, no doubt, I am passionate about cars and doing what I do I get to talk about them all day. Naturally, living and breathing the car industry gives me a feel for what the market is doing and what is good and bad news.

It really is good to talk so if you are considering a change of car, or perhaps you are just interested in assessing your current car situation for opportunities for refinance/equity release/balloon refinance please give me a call on 01423590242. In the spirit of partnership please mention the forum and we will work out a discount/perk for you.

I'm new to the forum and IT is not my specialty, but i'm looking forward to getting involved in some of the discussions on here and perhaps offer a different perspective and share where possible (GDPR/Data Protection) some examples of what we have been doing.

Speak soon, Andy King.
Eh Up Andy - Last time we spoke, you were just starting Oracle!!!!! Time flies......
Hi Iain, time certainly does fly, looking at your cars owned it appears you have been busy in the meantime, great selection. Would be good to have a catch up at some point. I hope you are keeping well?