Welcome to the new S9's Advertisers section !!!!


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To the many Gadzillions of you fantastic S9ers out there, you will have noticed how over the last twelve months, some fantastic businesses are choosing to advertise their services on your forum.

Well this is the brand spanking new sub-section for those Advertisers who choose to go fly "Upper Class" with us here on S9's and where they now have their very own space to post any and all, new & interesting threads that tell you all about what they are doing, what they are offering and what you should all be buying from them and telling your friends to buy too :)

Thank you Banner Advertisers.

S9's & Chums.
A fabulously good idea.
presume this is extra on top of the banner add and will 'normal' advertisers be able to still post in the classifieds?

Also is this new section public like on PGT?