Wheel and Tyre Insurance


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Anyone know if a good provider? - one who will just pay out promptly and without hassle when the worst happens?

I've had one claim last year on my main insurance, but at £4.5k (2 wheels and tyres and 4 wheels alignment on the RS6 )but I can't see them keep swallowing these tbh..
I Insured my Wheels with Pace Ward. Policy included "minor" paint damage as well, not sure if it included tyres. Really Good Rates but Ive never claimed

Worth a PM to Jez Insbro on Here

Be careful as many only include Alloys with simple painted finishes & exclude anything more special in the small print
Did a £10k’er on the RS6 Performance last year.
Claim was thrown out by the highways agency and council, dropped the car after I repaired it and took the hit....

Old shit is the way ahead for me now.... that way it doesn’t matter.... 👍🏻