You boys will love this 😎

That's great - thanks

Would not describe that gouging sound at 2:15 as "just a chin scrape" :(whew):
Actually it's a complete piece of shite, the magazine should be ashamed if that's the best they can do with the best 3 current super cars on the planet.

Shame on you.
I fell asleep 30seconds in. Hope the TV show is better than that dross
What a ridiculous road test !
You miserable gits :(rofl):

What's wrong with bit if fun and ridiculousness
I don't mind the idea behind the test but the delivery is appalling! Sooooo boring!
Well I thought it was good, every man & his dog will be thrashing them round a track soon, that's boring .
Three great motors. You boys with one or more of these in the garage should be very happy.
I'm missing an SV , damn it :(devil):
I'm missing an SV , damn it :(devil):

buy the one at marque1!

in the shot when all three are going forwards together, the Porsche looks huge - wide and tall, even cf the sv....
RS the best eh 😜
Quickest meh. Car drives itself 😜
Quickest meh. Car drives itself 😜

You will never know ! That you have already admitted :eek:: As for driving itself,i appreciate that you might think the AWS is there to help you with your parking ? Can't quite remember if that has an off switch .....:Kiss:
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