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Cars owned: Ph1 Clio V6....not quite oem. ...and a Smart.
Good evening all,

Yet another new member!

Hoping to play an active part on here.

Cheers :(y):
Evening mate...welcome here.

Got any pics of the Clio for us!?😍😍 mad as a bag of monkeys.

Harnesses now re-routed, they'd only just been fitted when pic was taken.

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Ooh sweet!!!😍😎😍😎😍😎
Front one..

Layout is based on the Catalunya entry in the V6 Trophy race series, the colours on that were black and silver. Not keen on black so went for graphite and silver.

Decals are personal choice.

A few Euro trips planned this year, need to get some better photos also.

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Love the car. Seats look awesome - what make/model are they ?

Love the car. Seats look awesome - what make/model are they ?

Cheers mate,

Seats are Cobra RSR and had the eyelets put in when they were made.

Better photo of them without the harnesses in the way.

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Awesome car! Welcome
I went to classic Le Mans with a mate in his Clio V6. Cool little car and was really appreciated out there - not many seen around these days.
As a French car specialist I have always loved the wacky stuff that Renault turn out occasionally.
Never actually owned any for some reason , but remember once going to Radbourne racing ( I think it was called) In Wimbledon, just to look at there beautiful stock or 5 Turbo 2’s and Alpines.
Maybe I will get one someday, keep up the good work & welcome to S9’s
Thank you for the welcomes :(y):

It's certainly a quirky car, started looking at buying one in 2010 but ended up working overseas so the idea fell by the wayside. Revisited the idea and bought this in July 2017. It was going to be left 100% oem but that idea didn't last very long!

It isn't the fastest thing in the world but it wasn't bought for its speed, had a E92 M3 CP for 4 months prior to the Clio so if I wanted speed I'd have kept that. It handled like a 3 legged donkey although coilovers have gone a long way to improve that. I think it's one of those cars you buy because of the sheer lunacy of it.

What did take some getting used to was the attention it got. With things such as the CSL you could go around under the radar most of the time as, to most folk, it looked like just another BMW. Only a car fan would know what it was. The Clio is off the scale, so many have no idea what it is but everywhere you go people want to have a look, it's impossible to go to the fuel station without being asked about it. Went to Switzerland in it last year via a few days at the 'Ring and the attention it got was surprising.

At times it's nice, others it's a pain. To be honest it spooked me a little at first but started to get used to it.

Then the decals went on.

The attention levels went through the roof!

More than happy to post pics and details of it wherever, however, it's been to a few events and meets and in those cases I park it, get out, lock it up and wander off out of the way. Don't mind the car getting attention but me getting attention is a different matter :(shake):
Welcome, car looks stunning - post some more pics and detail of what you've done to it
Hi and welcome to S9’s.
Welcome, car looks stunning - post some more pics and detail of what you've done to it

Thank you,

What's been done to it..

KW V3 coilovers with spherical top mounts,
Sparco steering wheel trimmed in grey alcantara ( original is like a bus steering wheel ),
Cobra RSR seats custom made in dark blue and TRS harnesses,
2 piece brake discs,
V6 Trophy front splitter, replica as originals are impossible to find,
V6 Trophy rear spoiler, again replica,
Quicksilver back box,
Cromodora mag alloy wheels,
Plumbed in fire extinguisher,
Clear engine cover,

Straight after buying the car it had a 2 week holiday at a V6 specialist in sunny Wiltshire for a general once over. He changed the cambelt and whist the engine was out it had a new water pump, clutch and other little sundries that are a PITA to do with the engine in situ.

Originally managed to find a set of BNIB Ph2 wheels, same OZ wheels as the Ph1 but 18" rather than 17" and was more than happy with them. An opportunity arose to get a set of the Cromodora mag wheels and that wasn't going to be turned down! Rumour has it that for each V6 Trophy Renault made 5 sets of Cromodora wheels were ordered and that was it so, not too many sets about. Also managed to find a set of replica V6 Trophy brake cooling ducts along with the wheels but unfortunately the road car is a bit different to the race car! Various things in the way on the road going version. Ended up fitting the inlet part only ( purely as I like the look of them ).

With the suspension changes the handling has been transformed from a wallowy thing into something that now goes where you point the dry anyhow. The dry grip is unreal, it helps as the Cromodoras are 9" wide on the rear and 8" on the front which on a French shopping trolley is insane. The seats sit lower than the oem ones which sat you way too high.

There are still a couple of things I'd like to do but whether they get done or not is as yet undecided. Maybe a pair of branched manifolds and a pair of sport cats to replace the pig iron manifolds and the 4 cats the car currently has. Also maybe a Ph2 gearbox as they have better ratios.

Retired early 2 years ago and retirement funds only go so far.

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Cool car dude. I sold my phase 1 last year.

You need ph2 gearbox and LSD fitted. Also speak to Scott glander about the exhaust/manifold setup. Makes huge difference in performance.

My car was quick.

It's Scott that does all the mechanical stuff on it, I wouldn't take it to anyone else and the manifolds and gearbox are being discussed with him.
Any mad car is a fun car! Welcome.