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For anyone interested in going and doing something a bit special - I received this from a pal of mine tonight...

Just in case it might be interesting/useful for your pals, there is a lad who is running the ex-James hunt Lotus 59 up the hill (the one used extensively in the Rush movie).
He's got some media stuff lined up and he's looking for a helmet sponsor. He's offering 2 passes with access to the paddock and the car (some access to Veuve Cliqout lawn) The media exposure on the helmet for the company and the Lotus 59 to go to their work place for a display one day.
He's only asking for £2k as he just wants the money to buy and paint a new lid for the event.
Seems like it might be a bit of fun for someone so I'm passing the word around.
A random one, but let me know if anyone's keen.

pm me and I will be happy to connect you..