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Afternoon Gents & esteemed Car Chums, please meet our latest forum/club sponsor Harris & Howard Bespoke Tailors.

AndyTheTailor is the face of Harris & Howard bespoke are in Alderley Edge and have done loads of bespoke tailor made shirts for me and my friends & staff (not corporate wear, have a look at their website : www.harrisandhoward.com )

I've got quite a few of their shirts and they are top quality (as have all my employees, and they even do blouses for chicks), being tailored you will not find any shirt that fits as well on you and they are totally bespoke so you can pick all sorts of configurations (it's like specing a top end car ordering one of these!). They do ace jackets and all sorts of other stuff too. It's not as expensive as you'd think as well.

Time to smarten up Gents!....not long now and we will be allowed out to trendy places to socialise again!

Andy....over to you to intro yourself a bit and set out your stall .....
Welcome... good shout there Moz, it’s hard to find a decent tailor these days...

Did Andy take the leg up on that lovely shell suit you got too? ����������
Thanks for the kind words Moz.

Afternoon gents, as Moz has mentioned, Harris & Howard Bespoke make a huge range of beautiful custom clothing. Due to the pandemic we have changed our business model to cater for the slightly more casual dress code people seem to be adopting. We still remain strong with our core products which includes suits, shirts and jackets however now offer custom chinos/golf trousers, shorts, casual shirts, long and shirt sleeved polo shirts and jeans. Our showroom is in Alderley Edge however I try and make things as easy as possible for my clients by visiting at home or office and a time that works for you.

We look after a wide range of clients - some who never wear suits - and those that are in a suit 24/7! We cater to all tastes and styles and we take a great amount of pleasure in creating something unique for our clients. There are very few limitations to what we can do which, we have found, makes the process very enjoyable for our clients.

So, whether you’re a pin stripe suit lover(or hater) but still like to dress well, give me a shout.
Hi Andy and a huge welcome to S9’s.
Once I’m allowed to escape the Island of Doom ( yes we now have Covid on the Isle of Man ) I’ll definitely make a small detour off of the M6 and come see you. I may get lucky with Steve buying me a lunch too.

Welcome Andy and thank you for choosing to promote your business on S9s.

Guys, those of you north of the Watford gap who like to make an effort with your appearance, why not take a look at Andy’s offering and pay him a visit or arrange a home/office visit as from past experiences, made to measure clothing is one of life’s simplest of luxuries and say’s much about the individual who is wearing them.
Do you do stretch fabric ?
Web site isn’t working
That’s weird as I’ve just checked on my phone and it seems to be working fine. I know we have been doing some maintenance on it but it should be up and running. Our social media has lots of info and images of the kind of stuff we do.
website worked fine for me last night
Welcome Andy

I have a few H&H suits Carl fitted me for