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Hi to all of you, the esteemed “S9’s” members.

S9’s is now under new ownership with Henry, Moz and myself having bought the site from Cem. We have been wanting to get this place alive and kicking again as most of you will either know by now, or have noted. And whilst we have had discussions with Cem to this affect over the last few years, endeavouring to bring about some much needed changes and fresh ideas, we had to respectfully accept that Cem just didn’t have the time to commit that we were requesting him too and so a plan was hatched between us all, and therefore in the style of Victor Kiam .........We liked this forum so much that we bought the company !

We would therefore like to thank Cem for all his years of commitment to keeping S9’s alive especially when the darkest hours came and the town was run through back in ’07. We also hope as well Cem, that you will stick around, stay involved and show your face at times here as you will always be welcome online and at the many gatherings that we are starting to and will continue too, plan now !!!

So, there are three new Sheriff’s in town. We’ve some ideas to make this place properly good once again. Some you’ll like and some you might not, so tell us. :(call):

There will be some changes afoot that we hope you will like too. We are moving our site over to United Hosting (UH-Matt is a director there), and we will also get going on a refreshed look to the site almost immediately. Nothing too radical mind, but to reflect the direction that we want to take. We will also rebrand as “S9’s” only and to that affect we have also procured the URL “www.s9’s.co.uk” too. The original URL will always work of course too but it’s that time now to steer ourselves away from the purely Porsche connotation.

Now, and most importantly. This place is run by members for the members. We have no delusions of grandeur about turning a profit and selling on later for Gadzillions as that’s just a nonsense. Henry, Moz and myself do not take ourselves too seriously. We’ve agreed to front up the money to buy and run this place and to continue to do so. The costs aren’t huge of course but they are enough to focus us three on making S9’s worthwhile. We will ensure that you, the valuable members here, will see this in due course and reap the rewards too. If you have any suggestions feel free to offer them forward. We might not heed you but we will certainly hear you and all suggestions will be considered. Remember, S9’s is our respite and we wish it to be that for you all too. We have day jobs ourselves and dip in and out of S9’s for some light relief. Let’s keep it that way and rest assured we are going to have some fun in here so stick around, tell your friends and get them involved as there’s a lot of love in here at the freshly reinvigorated S9’s !!!

Congrats guys and well done.

Thanks to Cem for everything - don't be a stranger.

Best of luck guys :)
I would have chipped in a pound to ban Moz!!!
Me and Nick have banned him already. Lol.

Yep, for life.

Actually, he out doing what he does best right now, drinking. Sorry, notworking, I mean networking yes that's what I mean, networking.
Well done guys
Right, if that is the case, I'm off!

Nice one chaps. Cem has done a great job of keeping this place alive and we all owe him a huge debt for his time spent on this place, which is the only reason that many of us actually know each other.
Well done guys - I must say, I did think there was a change a few weeks ago and now I understand.

Cem - I don't know you, but you helped me with my handle when I first joined and recognise that what we have now is something you created and played a big part in what I am enjoying being part of - so Thank You from me and hope to meet you sometime.

Right then, Nick, Steve and Henry - look forward to seeing your plans unfold over time!
Beat me to it there Nick - bit too fast there!
I'll make an announcement as soon as I have a moment later.
Beat me to it there Nick - bit too fast there!
I'll make an announcement as soon as I have a moment later.

Hopefully you're going to tell me and Nick how all the moderator buttons work.;)

Thank you for creating this place and sticking with it over the years.
Hopefully you're going to tell me and Nick how all the moderator buttons work.;)

Thank you for creating this place and sticking with it over the years.

Yes, thanks from me too Cem.

Now, I have had a look at all the buttons Henry but it all looks a bit scary to me. Thank god we've got Moz on board !
Looks like I've just joined and there are some new brooms :) Nice feel to te place so far so congratulations.
Nice one!

Looking forward to the new look

Please can you ban anyone who double post on PGT?
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Scary having Moz in charge of the Moderator Buttons, lets hope he doesn't start using them after one of his networking sessions

Looking forward to the refresh & gentle tweaks ( Alfa Reds a nice colour :(y): )
Congratulations to the new Management......:(clap):
Just got here but looking forward to seeing the new changes! Thanks for taking your time (and money) to run this place!From what i've seen its a great community! :(y):
Congratulations guys :(y):
It has certainly got a spring in its step over the last few days with all these new members.
Thank you for keeping the site going.