Hello, just joined after hearing about this on the ferry back from the Isle of Man a few weeks ago.

My name is Paul and my Dad has a Huracan LP610-4, often out in it driving and taking pictures, I put some of them up on Instagram- 'paulhphoto' https://www.instagram.com/paulhphoto/

Looking forward to meeting fellow petrolheads!


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Welcome and cracking picture :(y):
It's not the IOM

Welcome and what an epic pic!
Thank you! No its the Llanberis pass in Snowdonia, that area is like a mini version of Scotland!
Haha no, Snowdonia, some great roads, if only they had the IOM speed limit policy...
welcome here. nice picture, nice road been over a few times.
Welcome ! Tell us more about yourself :)
Welcome to the mad house. Love the picture.

Welcome ! Tell us more about yourself

Thank you!

Go out for drives a lot around North Wales, but do a few trips around Scotland and have been to the IOM once, with every intention of going again!
Also go to a few cars and coffee events, and just tried hiring a 911 in Switzerland for a few days, it was incredible- nice to go in a cat that doesn't catch on every bumpy road!
Prior to the Huracan Dad had a 911 991 Carrera GTS, absolutely loved it and has got him hooked on the idea of a gt3/gt2 I think!
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