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Hi all...... I know many will recognise me. There's many old names I recognise here from the days of BM3W. I'm active on one other forum only and thought it was about time I signed up here! Looking forward to seeing some fresh content & contributing, if I can get in:p:
Looks left to right...

Anyone know this chap and happy to vouch for him ?
Thanks for adding me ....... nothing special car-wise at present other than a daily 7.5 Golf R. As soon as the wife gets back to work I'll get something, although I can't see her wanting to go back at all!!!
Hi Nick as requested info hope few on here recognise m Im from that NOTHERN part of the uK where the heather grows .. total car nutter ..only regret never had the budget to get into motor racing .. now 68 years older have the cash but much slower !! still do lots track days .. have previously owned lotus elans/lotus cortinas many porsches inc mk 1 996 gt3 club sport progressed to 996 gt3rs (which ive still got ) but retired it due to value .. bought ex race car 997 cup 3.8 total beast sold .my latest is ex race Radical sr3 rs which I totally love and im also into mechanics so looked after all my cars Rad being the easiest and cheapest to maintain ..lots other hobbies .hill walking .. spectating most sports and holidays . cheers G p.s will forward pics once I get my lightroom working
Hi Gordon,
3 posts since 2004 !

Anyone on here who will vouch for you ?
Had the pleasure of chasing Gordon round the tracks of Europe for the last dozen years or so. I'm sure you'd all recognise his white blue 6RS plate from the Ring & Spa, as for the man himself, think Rab C Nesbitt in a Sparco race-suit :(rofl):
Thats good enough for me. Thanks chaps.

Gordon, access granted.
Get posting.
oops... and HUGE thanks to Nick for all his help ... hope to meet up at a track day soon and monies on the way::(y):
Thats more like it.
Welcome aboard Gordon, good to see you over here.

Piccies, we like piccies in here....piccies of cars.

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